Fair Trade Clothing: What Is The Difference Between Fair Trade And Sustainable Fashion

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Fair trade and sustainable fashion – the fine difference

In everyday use and in many practical aspects the borders between the concepts are sustainable fashion and fair trade blurred. In fact, the meanings and the philosophies behind these two definitions in many places overlap. You can not be right yet. The difference essential is for buyers who want to make a conscious choice.

Fair trade clothing

fair trade clothing sustainable fashion trends

No matter for which flavor you choose – for the sustainable or ethical or fair trade fashion, do yourself and the world a big favor. And actually, we have it here with none “either / or question” to do, because fair trade is included in the term “sustainable fashion”.

However, it is worth to differentiate these two. Do you know why this is so?

What is fair trade fashion?

fair trade clothing branding sustainable fashion

Rachel Kibbe is the founder of fashion brands Helpsy. You indicates that there are no precise criteria, which should include the production process of ethical fashion. It rather comes to enhance the sustainable development of local communities and around the world.

And what is fair trade? What is the difference? We want to explain in the next few lines.

Can learn more about the exact definition of both us, by we evaluate them on some points.

Fair trade goods

fair trade clothing fair trade Foundation sustainable fashion


Fair trade: this is the narrower term. Thus, especially brands are meant, which fair to treat the employees in the production, so not exploit or endanger health.

Ethical (sustainable) fashion: the ethical fashion is much more broadly understood. This term is to bring benefits to society. The ethical fashion includes fair trade, but also stands for the development and the wealth of the community. Still a production can be called sustainably or ethically, if it actively promotes environmental protection.

Clothing made from organic cotton is not only fair trade, but also sustainable fashion

fair trade clothing organic cotton sustainable fashion


The branding is the next point where the differences between fair are very clearly seen trade and sustainable fashion.

With fair trade, there are specific guidelines which must be followed. There are some regional, national and international. When the sustainable fashion, there are no concrete rules. At this, we have to do it, which all – aspiring producers and consumers – to comply with ethical codes.

Working with natural materials and colours

fair trade clothing fabrics oppress sustainable fashion

Working conditions

Fair trade requires the fulfillment of minimum conditions for the employees. There are no exact guidelines for the ethical fashion. It is one of the striving to contribute to well-being have and the better quality of life of the various communities.

Fair working conditions

fair trade clothing fair working conditions sustainable fashion

Improving quality of life

fair trade clothing sustainable fashion working


The goals of fair trade and ethical fashion some extent coincide. The joint between the two is the treatment of employees. With fair trade and at the ethical fashion must be handled well, so they make enough money and a high standard of living, as well as occupational safety.

With fair trade and for the ethical fashion, all employees must be treated well

fair trade clothing sustainable fashion

Of all these conditions but in a sense be considered satisfactory are fair trade. The sustainable fashion also promotes the development of society, environmental protection, etc. The newly listed additional aspects are also very important for fair trade, but only in so far as they relate to the fair treatment of employees.

Reexamined other philosophies behind the notions of “ethical fashion” and “fair trade”, as the fair treatment of employees can be reached. According to fair trade Befolger, there must be certain fixed rules for this. The ethical fashion believes that these in themselves are not sufficient and effectively restrict the concept of humane treatment of people.


fair trade clothing buy sustainable fashion

For this reason is one of striving for improvement and their representatives at the ethical fashion leave on morality and empathy. There, the objective result and feel, to be fair, and not so much is whether or not it is recognized with a certificate.

Find local manufacturers, providing fair trade fashion

fair trade clothing sustainable fashion local manufacturer

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