Fairies And Elves Have On Iceland An Equality As People

fairies and elves Myvatnsee

Fairies and Elves will be dealt with respectfully and worthy on the island

You may keep the adults who believe in the existence of fairies and elves, infantile or even “not wrong”.  According to the latest information, but it is clear that a very large number of the inhabitants of Iceland believe in fairies and elves. You do not deny the existence of at least.  It seems that the technical progress goes hand in hand with a belief in the supernatural. A nation that lives beneath the North Pole, is probably one of the strangest in the world. One thing is clear – the Icelanders are definitely something strange, if they believe that there are fairies, elves, and dwarves.

With the firm belief in faeries, Iceland is the oddest country in the world by far

The nature on the island is incredibly beautiful

fairies and elves on Iceland coast

The construction of a road for example seriously verifies whether therefore the rest of the Elves is disturbed

fairies and elves on Iceland geyser

It is thought faith would come during long dark time on the island, where many stories are told

fairies and elves on Iceland Norternlight

There are followers who are of the opinion that in fact fantasy that there really are these beings and that they are all over the world. And if it’s in the United States important Feng Shui expert for the exact flow of Chi life energy responsible, there are professionals and even Elves offices, which consider the construction of roads and buildings in Iceland and with the needs of the elves and fairies in line bring.  It might sound funny that engineers often need to rebuild roads, power and water lines, so that they represent no obstacle for life and for the apartments of the fairies, elves and other hidden creatures. On the island you can hear dozens of stories of fishermen who are lost in the sea, because they have ignored the commandments of the Elves.

It’s called the land “Island of ice and fire”

fairies and elves on Iceland Elves

Directly into the ice, active volcanic formations are

fairies and elves on Iceland

Sometimes the sunsets take up to 13 hours

fairies and elves on Iceland fairy

The volcanic and geyser – conditions have shaped an unimaginably beautiful landscape

fairies and elves on Iceland life fairy

Other stories tell of people who have unknown diseases and their Häuser were burned because they did the mystical beings angry.

The case with the golf course was very well known through the media. A golf course should be opened in the immediate vicinity of the Icelandic capital Reykjavik. One of the last tasks before the opening was eliminating a large stone, who was however known as dwelling of Elves.  In the end the excavators could not do anything and one of the construction workers got mysterious injuries.

When such a spectacle of nature, belief in the supernatural is no surprise

fairies and elves on Iceland glacier

Even the Europeans in the middle ages believed that here was an entrance to another world

fairies and elves on Iceland air image

Undetected and with caution to enjoy this mysterious island is

fairies and elves on Iceland mystery

After this development, the construction workers should officially apologise to the elves and even which promise that he would never bother them.

Not all Icelanders believe in Elves. Those who do not behave as well as the faithful, so they get no trouble with the Elves.

The country in which Elves reside on an equal footing is Virgin, full of contrasts and surprising

fairies and elves on Iceland Moss

The word geyser has here derived his origin of the largest geyser that rises here

fairies and elves on Iceland sunset

Right here on Iceland, Jules Verne has selected a volcano for his “journey to the center of the Earth”

fairies and elves on Iceland ice