Fashion Tips, The Woman Characteristic Set

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creative fashion tips and simple DIY idea

Fashion tips that should be aware of all lovers of elegant dresses

Every day we need to tighten something chic to look beautiful. Initially, many people think the elegant look of hang together with expensive purchases. To find out but with the time, that’s not always true. First, some elegant dresses can look worn and old by the poor care or style of wearing after a short time.

Tips and tricks

fashion advice for women Strupfhode Besrpühen

On the other hand you can cheaper pieces a little skill and taste make something pretty great.

With the following tips for elegant clothes different from the first, and reach the second, with ease.

Give your creativity free rein!

fashion advice old of jeans repair creative sewing ideas

Jeans into the boots in “stuff”

In the winter, you would often hide the lower part of a jeans pants into the boots. If you do it incorrectly, the jeans come out but again and again. So it is convenient and remains the lower part of the pants into the boots, you should do the following:

Fold the pants once upwards.
Fold then once sideways, so that the pants remains close to the bone.
Tighten the long socks in.
Then tighten the boots in.

As you correctly put jeans into boots

fashion advice of jeans into the boots clean plugs

DIY Strip for free shells, which hold the BRA

With a DIY fabric strips and a button on the shoulders, you can discreetly on the BRA attach a little free falling upper part. So must all the time worried get, that you can see your underwear.

So bra straps won’t slip

fashion tips DIY Strip for free tops what the BRA holding

Stretch jeans, so that they fit

Sometimes we take to winter or need to attract a thicker tights under jeans. Anyway, it happens that it is simply no longer enough fits.

Don’t immediately despair! There is a way to spread the jeans. Make wet. That goes for example through the matching function in the washing machine.

Sprinkle them with a sprayer.

Now put on the jeans and to walk around in the House. Make many movements, bow down, jump, etc. do keep movements that spread out the jeans. After it is dry and you feel super comfortable in it.

How to stretch jeans

jeans fashion tips stretching out so that you fitfashion tips short jeans stretch out so that you fit

Matching necklace and earrings

Simple dresses can look much more elegant when combined with matching jewelry. This is clearly a big difference. Especially the black tops can look so uniquely chic.

Combine dresses with matching jewelry

fashion advice matching necklace choose tips

Spread the shoes

To tight winter shoes on heels can ruin us sometimes the day. There’s an easy way to spread it. With a fixed cap, fill small plastic bags with water. Insert them into the pockets. This will help it to spread the shoes.

If shoes press

fashion advice as can shoes spread

And so, you can refresh your ballerinas also colour

fashion tips shoes color refresh spray

An inventive way to wear the belt

The reinterpretation of known articles and their tightening type, is also very modern. There are many failed versions that are also still to do this super comfortable. Think a bit outside the usual framework, to make something better out of your elegant winter clothes!

How do you wear your belt?

fashion advice more original way the belt to wear

Send ideas for the winter season

fashion tips for winter boots wearing

A few tricks…

fashion advice zip fasten creative DIY ideas

To create more space in your closet

fashion advice two hangers together DIY idea

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