Fashionable Hairstyles 2017 – Modern Hair Styling For Women

What are the latest trend hairstyles for the fashion-conscious women

Next year is in any case: the natural, the better! At the latest since many stars and starlets in undone look front camera make and show less and less makeup, is this new trend already. To be more spontaneous and casual, a clear line seems to be, when it comes to new trend hairstyles in 2017. At the same time, experts predict that the women’s hairstyles are much female in the new year – Romantik pur is announced, with all the bells and whistles. You saw actually already clearly on the international fashion shows this year. What’s coming because then actually hair technical on us?

Romance and casualness

The “romantic look” is now already high in the rate – especially for long and medium-length hair. Together with the so-called “undone look” it provides a casual dose nostalgic informality and natural tenderness, which are innate feminine nature. Of course the loose, high bun, original headwear and delicate hair accessories, such as tulle and flowers belong to the romantic hair styling. These hair accessories trends especially the future brides come to good, who would marry next year.

Romantic trend hairstyles 2017

trend hairstyles women's 2017 bridal white flowers hair accessories

The waves and curls are perceived by many as a romance with a slightly luxurious and playful smack. These are also very much preferred in 2017. Just as the Bobfrisuren in different lengths and of course also the cool wet look, because you very light alone can create with wax and the refer innocent sensuality.

trend hairstyles women's 2017 wet look hairstyling

Braids are just timeless

Casual braids in long or short hair, whether individually or several at a time, are announced for the new season especially. The timeless braids are just getting a real Eyecatcher – peasant braid as fish bone, for example. The charming hair braiding is always preferred by women in different ages and with different taste.

2017 long trend hairstyles hair Plait braided hairstyles

The naughty Pixie cut and comeback

Trendy short haircut definitely experienced his long-awaited comeback next year. All possible lengths and variants of this playful hair determined again and again are worn by many women. This hairstyle gives its wearer female self-confidence and openness. It looks also quite playful and provides under certain circumstances for more extravagance. Especially the blonde Pixie cut, which is considered the ultimate eye-catcher, is worn very happy not only by very young women, but also by many young at heart. If fits this hairstyle for you? You can find this out by an online test:

What hairstyle is right for me?

Natural highlights are the trend

Highlights with film Technlogy and Ombré-style were yesterday, the latest trend in hair styling is Balayage technique. This new Colorationsmethode gives very natural looking, delicate highlights – the hair like the sun-kissed.

What hair colors are said for 2017?

Do you dare and shine even in winter! Bright blonde tones, as well as cool shades of Brown and Red are now in vogue. Dark Aschblond as well as other cool hair colors are also determines worn by many women in the new season, according to their own taste and personal preference.

The hair styling-2017 slogan: “Change”! It will certainly not be bored with so many possibilities of trendy hairstyles and hair colors.

There are still a few days of the old year left – so you have to welcome enough time, in the new year at midnight with a new hair style trend and the Princess at the new year’s Eve ball to be…

We wish you lots of fun and a happy new year!

Find your special blond color!

trend hairstyles women's 2017 balayage blonde hair

Or give a few bright highlights to your hair

trend hairstyles women's 2017 balayage caramel coloration waves

Casual curls provide for an additional serving of romance

2017 balayage coloration highlights trend hairstyles ladies skinny

The Pixie cut is back!

trend hairstyles pixie women's 2017 short hair pixie

The stars set the tone

trend hairstyles women's 2017 long hair lure

Casual braids are back

trend hairstyles women's 2017 balayage long hair braids

Just as light waves

trend hairstyles women's 2017 balayage long hair coloration

More romance for the future brides

trend hairstyles women's 2017 balayage long hair flowers wedding hairstyles

The Pixie cut can look also very discreet and female

trend hairstyles women's 2017 balayage pixie short hair

The crest is worn always more centrally

trend hairstyles women's 2017 balayage strobin long hair lure

The Balayage technique looks great and protects your hair

trend hairstyles women's 2017 balayage technique colorant

The “undo”look is preferred by many stars

trend hairstyles women's 2017 balayage undo look

The high bun can look quietly a little “undo”

trend hairstyles women's 2017 dutt blonde hair

trend hairstyles women's 2017 balayage braids casual hairstyles long hair

trend hairstyles women's 2017 blonde hair pixie

trend hairstyles women's 2017 balayage long hair braids

trend hairstyles women's 2017 wet look fish graete

trend hairstyles women's 2017 pixie hairstyles

trend hairstyles women trend pixie short hair

trend hairstyles women's 2017 wet look trend long hair

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