Fasting – Interesting Facts, Advantages And Disadvantages

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fasting physically mentally balance

Fasting – decide that more closely again!

It is spoken more often and always avid about the benefits of fasting. But you forget to warn that would possibly resulting in most cases the dangers. This article is therefore devoted to this topic.

We do not discourage this from fasting. No, definitely not! However, some symptoms that indicate that not everything is going perfectly, you would have to babysit, we find!

The undisputed benefits of fasting

fasting banana Apple Orange

So that you feel more secure, we have in principle nothing against the fasting, here is a list of their advantages. Especially you are free as a result of many pollutants. They accumulate in our body by all the food, drugs and rest means that we eat. There are also alternatives, but fasting is the most natural of them basically.

Fasting removes a number of unpleasant symptoms and diseases. Because often this a signal of the body can actually, that we eat too much or take the wrong food to us. Surprisingly, some people find that their digestive system is for example just spoiled by too much and poor eating habits. Kidneys, liver, and bile can be brought as a result in a better State. When some people will stop even chronic headaches.

Freshly squeezed juice from Orange, beetroot and strawberries

fasting strawberries beetroot juice

Emotional balance and balance. We eat too fast, too eagerly, unconsciously… All these things are on hand to ensure that the food often hurt us rather than that they help us. We are pending food and habits associated with it. We think that we can not without the occasional meal. But it is not so! Because actually we would eat only if our body wants that. Or should we always eat when our body requests it of us. So that one finds this however, you would have to a little distance from the object of addiction. So you known to be the best will find out what is in fact really needed?

Balance between fasting and work

fasting vegetables fruit laptop

The objections to fasting

HM, we said that you again have to consider that and have described only the good side of fasting. Several times was mentioned above, you have to listen to the inner voice of your own body. If you feel a need for deep, strong, healthy after eating, that’s probably not the right time to eat. Try it one day and when’s good for you, remember it!

Vegetable salads are the be-all and end-all of fasting

fasting vegetable salad mushrooms broccoli

If you force your body to do so without fasting requirements, it can be that after very quickly take to. This leads to depression in some people. You’ll earn more fat and water.

Because if you take your body without the need to the starving, “he thinks” this is an external crisis.  In this case, he starts to gather, so fat resources “for later”. And that is of course undesirable.

Clear broth and herbs

fasting vegetable soup garlic parsley

Blueberries are perfect for your fasting

fasting blueberries blue

A great combination of apples, grapes, cucumber and celery

fasting Herbal Cucumber grapes apples

Green stuff for more vitality and energy

fasting herbs green juice

Use herbs when fasting

fasting herbs Sage thyme

Fruits, dry fruits, avocado and pumpkin seeds

fasting lime pumpkin seeds, avocado

Dietary supplements of medicinal herbs

fasting dandelion herbs

Ever more colorful, the better

juice fast juice fasting beetroot

Grapes and Mango Puree

fasting juice grapes

Green Smoothie for more strength in everyday life

fasting salad cucumber Apple

Drink plenty of water

fasting water cutlery

Soak up solar energy

fasting water drinking Sun

Combine your fasting with Yoga exercises or gymnastics

fasting Yoga mat gym

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