Fit And Healthy By Fall

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In the summer many people use morning and evening, to go jogging and sports in the open air. Then the temperatures are pleasant, the day already or still bright. Otherwise, that is during the fall, when the temperatures drop further. Often rain and severe weather is on the agenda, in the morning’s late light, for it early in the evening dark. But the sport should be non stop in this season.

Requirements for outdoor sports

Also in the fall, one should try to spend most of his spare time in the fresh air. Above all the right clothing is crucial at this time of year. Unlike as in the summer, where shorts and T-Shirt enough, it should be a little more fabric during the colder season. But the athletes should also not too warm dress up, so he’s not sweating. Special sports underwear well absorbs perspiration and prevents that cools the body. Moreover, one comes long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. When rain or strong wind, it should tighten Additionally a waterproof jacket in.

fit and healthy by fall

On especially cold days or when it rains, the runner should also wear a hat or a headband at least. The socks should keep the feet warm, the shoes be waterproof and have a good profile, as trails and roads can be slippery in the autumn. Because the days are always darker in autumn than in summer, it should be also concerned to its visibility. Reflectors on the back, the chest, and the poor shall ensure that it can be perceived better by car drivers. It’s already really dark, a headlamp can improve the visibility and the visibility.

Who would like to train outside in autumn, should make sure also that the immune system is strengthened. In the long term this is achieved by regularly eating fruits and vegetables. It supplies the body with the necessary vitamins. Vitamin supplements should be taken only in case of emergency. Their effect is still controversial and too many vitamins can even harm the body. Enough liquid to a healthy diet. It absorbs it best on mineral water, fruit teas and juice spritzers. One is already a cold or beaten, you should rather do without and properly cure themselves on physical exertion and outdoor sports in particular.

Sport at home is also possible

Sports in the fresh air of the best for the body is of course. Sometimes the weather conditions do not permit but simply or late from work and can no longer rouse themselves, to go outside. Then, at home, sport can be a solution. On, for example, there are different exercise equipment with which it also at home can keep fit. Another alternative is the swimming pool. Swimming is generally the healthiest sports, here to train the entire body and the joints are conserved.

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