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Traditional clothing for fashion-conscious women who show up like traditions

High-quality Dirndl undisputed find their place in the wardrobe of the modern woman. That may ring true something funny, but the former traditional working garment is today fully in vogue.

The dirndl is popular clothing on many occasions and not just at the Oktoberfest in Munich. Carry and put on an elegant, modern Dirndl at a wedding a traditional Dirndl for example on a themed party.

Explore the benefits and beauty of the traditional women’s clothing and then you will find also the right occasion to wear a Dirndl with style…

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If you have never worn Dirndl, then the feminine appearance of traditional costumes is gone unnoticed for you probably. But in fact, the Drindl is a real figure flatterer.

The dirndl emphasises the waist and concealed a few pounds every woman is complaining about the fabulous puts the female body in the limelight.

These are good enough reasons, that you immediately get on the search after a sexy Dirndl. And you can do it comfortably from your sofa. Online it is simple. The dirndl world for example you will find diverse models, can be bought cheap.

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How do you choose the perfect Dirndl for you?

First, determine the length. Modern Dirndl are definitely not conservative and are available – mini Dirndl, MIDI Dirndl and long Dirndl in 3 different lengths. So you choose the correct length and the selection is much easier you.

The long Dirndl is excellent as a festive clothing and the sexy mini and MIDI Dirndl are suited more for a themed party or Oktoberfest.

If you have already determined the length of the Dirndl, then you must still important make a decision – Dirndl color. Here you may select not only under the traditional Dirndl colors. Access to bright colours or just your favorite color. And so the costumes is not as boring as you could have imagined, or?

Experience and enjoy the life in the countryside 100 years ago

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Festive fashion in the traditional style

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Which components of a Dirndl?

A dirndl consists of a dress, a white blouse (long or short sleeved) and a matching apron.

The dress is traditionally one piece and manufactured from solid or printed cotton, linen or silk.

The blouse is worn under the dress and is always in white, so that the Dirndl color is better. Often, the blouse has puffed and is embellished with lace or ruffles.

The apron and the dress are coordinated and fit nicely together. The loop of the apron is tied, reveals the marital status of the wearer.

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Where should the loop of the Dirndl-apron sit?

Before you simply tie your apron at the waist, let’s please on the different positions of the loop, because they reveal your marital status.

Bind your loop left, if you are single. Right , you should bind your Dirndl loop if you assign, or are married. The loop in the Middle symbolizes your virginity and the loop back is a sign that the wearer of the Dirndl is widowed.

Please note these 4 positions of the Dirndl loop at the Oktoberfest or somewhere else to avoid any misunderstandings and funny situations.

Which side should you wear the Dirndl loop?

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If you want to make new acquaintances, then you bind your loop left

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The full Dirndl outfit

To create a complete look, you need a few accessories to the Dirndl Dress, matching shoes and of course a nice festive hairdo.

Braided hairstyles are very up-to-date and the perfect choice for the Oktoberfest outfit.

And if you look in the mirror now, the complete image enjoy – a tradition connected outfit with contemporary flair!

Hair braiding – modern and traditional at the same time

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