Forget Losing Weight With Chocolate – The Yo-yo Effect And Snacking Healthy!

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slimming chocolate healthy dark

Lose weight with chocolate? Yes, that is!

We have chosen this topic for three main reasons. Firstly, it is summer and people feel free to treat yourself to much more this season at dinner. This concerns also the icy chocolate desserts. Secondly, we want to also show no wrong choice was all delicious. Thirdly, we want to teach you using the concrete example that virtually everything in our lives in measured doses is healthy.

Today we specifically so demonized chocolate and ice cream. Experts say that even if we want to remove this not should be excluded from the menu. Even on the contrary – they could definitely help.

Snacking with a good conscience!

slimming chocolate healthy food

Be it tired!

The secret, as it ceases to be addicted to something is easy! You must be it simply fed up! If someone is something permanently banned, then you have even more pleasure it. If you however take regular doses with a clear conscience of it every day, without overdoing it, the opposite will probably happen. At some point, one has no desire more.

Lose weight with chocolate so just means you somewhere includes them in the menu. Sometime you have just don’t feel like it, or just not as much. The forbidden things are not so tasty.

Discover the diverse world of chocolates!

slimming with chocolate pralines diversity

The health benefits of chocolate

Lose weight with chocolate is a good idea not only for psychological reason. This product has many health benefits that it brings with it. Ultimately, investigations have shown that the chocolate have very effective antioxidants . The chocolate can be problems with the circulatory system very useful.

Take off without the yo-yo effect!

slimming chocolate diet

The measured quantities

The newly listed benefits apply only if we enjoy the chocolate in appropriate quantities. But this would happen automatically, the experts say. Because you will soon really tired of it after regular, planned meal from this product. In addition, you would have much less appetite for sweets in General through this strategy.

During this period of the conscious regular diet with chocolate, you should eat absolutely too much vegetables. At best, you should enjoy this but with minimal spices.

Prefer more dark chocolate of the highest quality!

slimming chocolate dark varieties prefer

Diet ice cream

Anyway speaking of diets with candy, you can tell us a few words about the consumption of ice cream. Studies have shown that regular consumption frees us from the ice from the stress . Also, this will improve our mood, extremely.

Cream and milk contain tryptophan and they seem calming effect on the nervous system

slimming with chocolate ice cream summer milk cream

As a result of the amino acid contained in it, we can forget quickly the problems with insomnia. With this diet you can eat ice cream for lunch and dinner. The breakfast would rather be omitted in this case.

You must always stop after the seventh day, and begin to eat normally. The ice cream diet can be repeated after one month and experts say that it could remove up to 4 kilos so.

Combine with fresh fruit of the season

slimming with chocolate ice cream fresh summer fruits

Allow this healthy pleasure!

slimming chocolate healthy diet

Chili and dark – a heavenly combination

slimming chocolate dark chili

Prepare a refreshing ice-cream cake

remove chocolate ice cream cake

A cool recommendation – vanilla ice cream, honey and nuts

remove chocolate ice nuts honey

Chocolate Kiss ice cream

remove chocolate ice Shokosoße

Vitamin-rich chocolate fondue

slimming with chocolate fruit miniature

Chocolate is just happy

remove chocolate happy making

A cup of hot chocolate anyone?

remove chocolate hot drink

Surprise your loved ones with a hint of chocolate gift

slimming chocolate delicious chocolates gift

Delicious chocolate mousse with whipped cream and fresh raspberries

slimming with chocolate mousse cream raspberry

Schokomuffins, Brownies and co.

slimming chocolate specialities baking miniature

Crunchy consistency that melts on the tongue

remove chocolate bittersweet dark prefer

Dark chocolate loves coffee, vanilla and cinnamon

slimming chocolate cinnamon vanilla coffee

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