Fresh Wind In Old Rooms

Editor   September 2, 2016   Comments Off on Fresh Wind In Old Rooms

There are enough ideas on how you could spice up his apartment is even a little. To shine in a new light from new furniture or other lamps, a new coat of paint, or send tiles in the living room and terracotta tiles in the bathroom – ways, the home completely or at least partially, can be found like sand on the sea. Leafing through appropriate magazine or browsing through the various lifestyle pages of mouth will quickly watery. The only catch, as so often when it comes to change, is the love of money.

fresh wind in old rooms

Low interest rates make saving the farce

It is not unusual that people who would lie to something new, to save it. Depending on how market interest rates fall out, can be achieved sooner or just until slightly later the new living room. It was important consumers in the past that the savings, not a loan that is used for the purchase. This approach is however in the meantime, already bound, to the past. Who saves today, seen that his credits will be worth less. Adjusted for the inflation rate to the portion which is covered by fuel and fuel oil, are the current interest rates below the inflation rate. Before saving means nothing more than to destroy money. This is the bitter truth about eight years after the financial crisis. The result is also different: it has rarely been so cheap to borrow, as it is today. If one, saving, brings nothing and the other, the financing costs nothing, it is therefore sensible to bring 150 euros a month for a loan, to pay monthly on a day money account as 150. That does not mean of course that everything should be only credit-financed, no budget in the short term will survive this. It does mean, however, that nothing speaks, to give a new feel-good experience to his home.

Credit comparisons show where it is financed preferred

Banks are like furniture stores. All take claim to lead the best and cheapest deals for themselves. To find this out when furniture is somewhat time consuming. You can although an overview in the Internet, how to sit on a sofa, but only locally find his way out. No visit to a bank which credit is the cheapest, presupposes, however. Especially when it’s only about a few hundred euros, it would be nonsensical to consult several banks that’s why. Here, it allows for the Internet to make the selection, for example, via a comparison portal like, and to make also the conclusion to the PC. The loan via PC is faster in any case than trying hard to save the necessary capital in the current interest rate environment. This approach would be still critical, if a provider a real bargain finds, which it leaves left from an incorrect understanding of the business. In the financial world is not for nothing called consumer finance “to save”, because the repayment of a loan is nothing but a reverse operation of savings. In addition, that a small loan is considerably cheaper precipitates as an overdraft. Still powerful strike the banks interest rates for an overdraft. Small loans are equipped with fixed rates and a precisely specified redemption date. This prevents that the borrower pushes forth the loan other than on a disposition may be constantly in front of him.

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