Frozen Vegetables Is Healthy Or Not? Some Interesting Facts

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Frozen vegetables Gesnd or not

Frozen vegetables: healthy or not?

The frozen vegetables are a real salvation for the housewives, who are very busy. Get variety in their menu. You can prepare quickly frozen. But many people get frozen vegetables with healthy eating in conjunction.

Cooking with frozen vegetables

frozen vegetables cooking vegetable dishes prepare

Fresh to frozen vegetables

Frozen vegetables or better fresh vegetables

Can it be that it is a false Association? Is everything out of the freezer bad for our body?

Is frozen vegetables actually healthy?

frozen vegetables yourself making and Aufbewahen ice cube

Frozen vegetables may be even healthier

The truth is, frozen vegetables may be even better than the fresh. But so that this is indeed so, it should meet some requirements. You must be using fresh products and freeze them through the “shock and awe”. You are wondering why this is so? The greatest enemy of the products is the long transport and storage house temperature. Most of the vegetables and fruits lose their good properties in such circumstances two days almost completely.

The Shock freezing or Flash freezing turns out as the best method for vegetables freezing

frozen vegetables in bag Aufbewahen

This is the “shock method” avoided to freeze. Within 2 or 3 vegetables is frozen minutes up to-20 or -40 degrees. The appearance and the properties are preserved. Only those that contain too much water, represent an exception.

Green beans

frozen vegetables in bag Aufbewahen bean


frozen vegetables in bag Aufbewahen broccoli

Frozen peas

frozen vegetables in bag Aufbewahen Rosenkoh

When can the frozen vegetables be harmful?

This could be if the vegetables are not fresh. In these cases, bacteria and other harmful things are preserved. Similarly, it looks with the effect of freezing and freeze again. So, you need to install this quickly from the grocery store back home.

Sort and separately freeze vegetables

frozen vegetables in bag Aufbewahen asparagus corn peas carrots

Keep vegetable mix in the freezer

frozen vegetable mix In the freezer Aufbewahen

How you allow to thaw the frozen vegetables

Place the frozen vegetables in salted water for a few minutes. So it looks fresh and tastes accordingly delicious.

We wish you good appetite!

You can keep the different vegetables in several plastic bags with closure

self frozen vegetables in bag Aufbewahen

A bag of vegetable mix is enough for one serving soup

frozen fruits and vegetables in a bag In the freezer Aufbewahen

Freeze vegetables in fresh cool box at home

frozen vegetables yourself making and Aufbewahen

You can freeze fruit on the same principle

frozen fruits themselves make berries

In the winter enjoy fruits and vegetables

frozen fruit itself making raspberry

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