Breakfast Ideas as Breakfast The World?

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breakfast ideas about

Fresh breakfast ideas, because variety is important!

Breakfast is the most important meal is known on the day. We all get regularly said that as long as we live with our parents. At the latest after one night acclaimed by, we convince us even from the back bracing qualities of the breakfast.

There will be breakfast on the planet and we want to see just what everything except bread rolls and croissants at breakfast ideas there. For this reason, we picked 12 countries us and want to know which other people tomorrow will recharge their powers early.

It is claimed that breakfast is the most important meal

breakfast ideas title

Caution! When you have eaten anything today yet, read the article better later! We are not responsible for your hungry!

Now, we start on our continent with the famous British “Full English” breakfast

Sausages, bacon, eggs, fried tomatoes and beans, mushrooms, bread, blood sausage and the combined – a cup of black tea.

The Englishmen’s hearty

British breakfast ideas

The Cubans have breakfast simple but sensual

Cuba breakfast ideas

The Cuban breakfast based on sweetened coffee with milk, in which a pinch of salt is thrown into it. The unique Cuban bread is toasted, with butter and cut into the length to be dipped in the sweet coffee can.

The Moroccans who like the variety

breakfast ideas Morocco

Morocco. Here, breakfast often consists of different types of bread with Chutney, jam, cheese or butter. The Moroccans make really tasty loaves (a kind of yeast biscuit) tear-off and typical semolina pancakes, called Baghir.

The breakfast should be hearty in Portugal

breakfast ideas Portugal

Breakfast in Portugal-a croissant and plenty of Sun coffee is delicious and easy.

The Brazilians like the food and know how to properly breakfast

breakfast ideas Brazil

In Brazil, the breakfast plate with salami, cheese and bread are established.

Breakfast in Italy is small, but fine-so elegant

breakfast ideas Italy

The Italians are convinced by “cappuccino e cornetto” breakfast

Hearty and meaty to start the day in Germany

breakfast ideas German

For breakfast you get pork sausage, local cheese, freshly baked bread and a large cup of strong coffee in Germany (depending on area).

Eggs, sausages, Rösti, freshly squeezed Orangensaft-that could be the Switzerland

breakfast ideas of about 2

American Breakfast includes no peanut butter, but home-made thick pancakes, bacon, syrup and blueberries.

This rich meal from the United States is a little getting used to

breakfast ideas United States

France- Le Croissant, raisin worm, bread (single or with almonds), butter, chocolate, and of course coffee.

Coffee and croissant – this is enough for a good start to the day

breakfast ideas French

Thailand- here it is usual to get a hearty meaty treat for breakfast

The Thais get a cooked dish for breakfast

breakfast ideas Tahiland

What do you want to say that you have never eaten tofu for breakfast? The Japanese breakfast that most often, along with fish and rice.

Japanese reduce also the breakfast on the essentials

breakfast ideas Japan

In Estonia, the breakfast made with fresh cheese yeast bread is prepared.

The Baltic Sea is breakfast cheesy and greasy

breakfast ideas Estonia

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