German Football – The Football Career Of Manuel Neuer

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German footballer Manuel new game

German footballers – Manuel Neuer and his art, his life’s work to make the game!

Periods of great changes usually ensure that a good new phase is a protruding! This proves also the life of Manuel Neuer. Very much in his life has changed in the last year. Whether for good or bad – it depends on the specific cases. Main thing is that it was connected to this period with many turning moments.

German soccer player – goalkeeper Manuel Neuer

German footballer Manuel new goalkeeper

Let us see however, this in the context of his life. We tell you but in advance: everything indicates that he is a successful football player, because he not only sees the game as a profession. He is one of those people who play despite the commercialisation of football with the same inspiration and spirit, which have boosted the good teams, including the Germans, until several generations ago.

In his playing career he looking forward to a great success

German celebrities Manuel of new Bayern Munich football

The Championship of new

German celebrities Manuel Neuer German footballer goalkeeper

About his career

Here are the we consider most important moments from his football career. It starts in 1997. That he makes in his hometown – Gelsenkirchen, began to play Schalke 04 for the team. The real rose high in his career however started 2011. He played for Bayern Munich from June 1. He signed a 5-year contract that expires in 2016.

The goalkeeper of Bayern Munich

German footballer goalkeeper Manuel Neuer IFFHS award

The great successes with this team, within the Bundesliga and on the national scene have secured him also the place in the national team.

New plays in the national team

German prominent footballer Manuel Neuer

Germany is world champion

The life of Manuel Neuer must have changed the fact that Germany was world champion, and this in the home of football. There is not another way! This is glamorous. But consider without emotion, this is also a turning point. He brings so many changes. Without a doubt! Among other things, Manuel Neuer has become even more concentrated on the game. Perhaps on the things and people who give him the necessary energy, continue to make.

Because it is probably difficult to remain at the forefront

German footballer Manuel Neuer interesting stuff

Enjoy the success

German footballer Manuel of new footballer of the year award

Concentrated game brings success

German prominent German player Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer answers questions from Juornalisten

German footballers of Bayern Munich Manuel Neuer

Whether the search has something common with his separation from Kathrin Gilch for more inspiration?

Maybe it’s just bad luck in love. So people would think, which are of the opinion that the success with a high price has to be paid sometimes. We left to the conclusions.

Manuel Neuer together with Kathrin Gilch

German celebrities Manuel of new Kathrin Ganguly

Many new awards

But speaking from the top, and also the measures which are necessary in order to remain on this we can remember the many awards, which he got. He is Germany’s third best player of the year. Then he got the awards from the following organizations: AIPS, UEPS and IFFHS.

Get the deserved recognition

German celebrities Manuel Neuer German goalkeeper

Manuel Neuer is an excellent football player

German prominent footballer Manuel new goalkeeper

Earned achievements in football career

German celebrities Manuel of new awards

New is dedicated to his game

German footballer Manuel of new Bayern Munchen

In everyday life he radiates class

German footballer Manuel Neuer celebrities

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