Get Beautiful Hair – The Enemies Of Fine Hair Do And Keep These Away!

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Beautiful hair – which are the enemies of your beautiful hair?

Most of the items, including here on our website, give tips on what to do to improve the appearance of the beautiful hair. But it’s no use if you destroyed the great look by certain actions. Sometimes, are we not aware about it and wondering why despite all trouble the hair does not look like, how we would like us often. Better inform the enemies of beautiful hair and keep it away from himself.

Hair properly maintain beauty

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Nice hair – which are the biggest enemies of beautiful hair?

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Old hair brush

After how much time your hair bust and exchange your Combs? How clean are they actually? Regularly wash the hair brushes? You must do this on the loved ones every day. Because otherwise you transfer bacteria and dirt on the entire length of the hair. What do because in this case all the care and cleaning? Opt for wood combs and brushes. To avoid the electricity in your hair.

Regularly clean the hair brush

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Use a matching comb

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Combs made of wood use

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Barrettes and hair ties

No one tells you to refrain from this. We get some of the best and romantic hairstyles hair clips and rubber bands. Access but not too often. Do have a choice of open hairstyles ready, which claim the hair. So you protect your hair. By the way, avoid headaches by this approach.

Do not use often scrunchies and hair pins

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Be careful not to damage your beautiful hair

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Are you using the right shampoo?

Most people use not the right skin care products for them and be surprised that your hair doesn’t look good. For example thin hair cosmetic products for more volume are only temporarily. After permanent hair wash, they lose their effect and make your hair hard and greasy. Rather, use the products that make hair healthy. The brilliant and beautiful effect comes at some point, of course.

Worry about the health of your hair

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To comb your wet hair with the hairbrush?

To comb your hair, while they are wet? This is a big mistake, especially if this happens too coarse. So hair looks quickly disintegrate in use. Vigorous rubbing with a cloth has the same effect. First comb with a wide-tooth comb and only when the hair is dry – brush.

Better comb your hair with a brush if they are wet

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For the wet hair, use a wide-tooth comb

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Use the hair dryer

Your hair dryer is of fundamental importance for the beautiful look of your hair. This is not harmful, if you use it at a distance of 20 cm. You should also have dry hair as often and for as long as possible of course. The hottest stage should be used only in an emergency. It is also recommended to soak the hair dryer over the brush on your hair. In this case, you should use also a protection spray for heat treatment.

Allow yet more often to dry your hair yourself

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If you use a hair dryer, you better use a protection spray in

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Do you know the rules, which was just mentioned? Use regularly?