Get Trendy Short Hairstyles For Summer 2015 – Stars!

short hairstyles modern 2015 Anne Hathaway

Latest short hairstyles for real celebs

Do you think lately more and more to a change in your Outlook? How about a new hairstyle? Next summer is already a worthy occasion, to make a difference. The good news is that the short hairstyles are back in vogue. In our opinion it was also high time that so really trendy short hair cuts were no longer the since late 90’s. At least not so massive. Now it’s slowly on the brevity. Naughty and punky or elegant and feminine short hair can give you a fresh and modern look. You only need to dare. Consult before definitely with professionals – the short hairstyle will suit you best. Study the shape of your face and also think about what color you will like to wear. Maybe you’ve never had the courage, Fantal to wear or you would finally perceive themselves as brunette.

The short Bob by Kristin Chenoweth

short hairstyles modern 2015 Kristin Chenoweth of short Bob

Short hairstyles are quite handy not only dry, but also in terms of colors. You can change your hair color regularly without having to worry big. Short hair can be maintained more easily and within 2-3 you can have again a whole new hair months. The only downside is that the short hair cut must be renewed regularly, otherwise the hair lose your form. Furthermore, you need a highly skilled hairdresser – so you don’t go to the first Hair Studio, which you see on the street.

The fresh Pixie-cut by Natalie Portman

short hairstyles modern 2015 Natalie Portman

Today we focus on three main types of short hairstyles – the Pixie cut, Bob and the short hairstyle with undercut. The Pixie haircut is also the shortest of all modern hair trends. Nevertheless, he gives an open femininity of the woman and wears something Elfenhaftes in itself at the same time as it shows the name (pixie is Elf in English). With their Pixies, women like Sharon Stone, Annie Lennox and Brigitte Nielsen are legendary. The Pixie cut is now again present with stars like Miley Cyrus, Natalie Portman, Charlieze Theron and Megan Boone. In particular are light blond and Platinum blond in the rise. The Pixie is available but not less stylish in dark hair. You can experiment with any popular color.

Charlize Theron proudly wears her blonde Pixie haircut

short hairstyles modern 2015 summer cut Pixie blonde Charlize Theron

The distinctive Rihanna

short hairstyles modern 2015 Rihanna

The Bob is versatile, feminine and easy to care for. In its classic form, it is cut Chin long. Bob was very popular in the 20s and 60s and again in the trend was in the 90s. This year he comes very firmly back on the stage. The more modern variant – the asymmetric cut way – is very popular. It was worn by singer Victoria Beckham and Rihanna. Currently Klum wearing a shoulder-length Bob with side parting Heidi. So if you decide to this Kurzhaarfrisur, you will not regret entirely sure.

Also the short hairstyle with undercut is no less stylish, as you can see these in pink photo below. Actually many stars, and love to wear this trend hairstyle. At the beginning she was worn only by techno disciples, Goths and punks. In the last few years, you can see the undercut increasingly in trend-conscious women. Be careful! The hairstyle doesn’t suit everyone’s faces. The best is, if you have soft, feminine features, otherwise you run the risk that you will look too androgynous.

Make you look the images simply. What Kurzhaarfrisur do you like best? Would it be right for you? Learn from the stars and take the first step to your new look!

Anne Hathaway – short hair can look very elegant

short hairstyles modern 2015 Anne Hathaway

The female short hairstyle by Renee Zellweger

short hairstyles modern 2015 blond Bob Renee

The legendary Sharon Stone with her punk Pixie in blonde

short hairstyles modern 2015 blond Pixie haircut Sharon Stone

Blond, short Bob, Michelle Williams

short hairstyles modern 2015 Bob Kurz blonde Michelle Williams

Cameron Diaz likes the classic Bob

short hairstyles modern 2015 Cameron Diaz of classic Bob

The girlish Pixie haircut Megan Boone

short hairstyles modern 2015 dark hair Pixie Megan Boone

Frankie Sandford is setting new trends

short hairstyles modern 2015 Frankie Sandford hair highlights

A short Pixie cut by Miley Cyrus

modern short of pixie Miley Cyrus

Kellie Pickler likes it fantal

short hairstyles modern 2015 Pixie blond Kellie Pickler

Kimberly Wyatt – Pixie in Silberblond

short hairstyles modern 2015 Pixie cut silver Platinum blond Kimberly Wyatt

Halle Berry is well known with her short haircut

short hairstyles modern 2015 Pixie black Halle Berry

Victoria Beckham has changed the Bob against a perky Pixie-cut

short hairstyles modern 2015 Pixie levels Victoria Beckham

Platinblonde, bold hair pink

short hairstyles punk Pixie Platinum blond pink

Amanda Forrest wears like punk-Pixie

short hairstyles modern 2015 punk Pixie Amanda Forrest

Jessica Alba preferred way

short hairstyles Jessica Alba casual modern short

The trendy ombre hair levels by Selita Ebanks

short hairstyles modern trend hairstyles of Selita Ebanks

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