Golf Clubs Guide For Budding Golfers

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Golf Club Swing

The different types of golf clubs, and when they are used

Do you know how many different types of golf clubs there? They are: wood, putter, and iron golf clubs. There’s a hybrid Variant. Any of this racket is used each one for a different distance and for different strokes. Also the quality whether you opt for the right golf clubs, depends to a large extent your game. For this reason, the purchase of any Golf Club never should happen too quickly and thoughtlessly.

The valuable golf clubs are in a safe golf bag

golf clubs all

The selection of the Golf Club depends on the target and the corresponding removal

golf clubs position

The characteristics and the function of the golf clubs would have to be checked exactly. The game usually requires several different clubs. The iron golf clubs are suitable if you want to obtain maximum accuracy. Keep the putter golf clubs for the moments, if you want a successful end to the game.

The complete set consists of hybrids, wood, iron and its Unterkatergorien

golf clubs golf bag

A “Fairaway” wood from the American Golf

golf clubs Fairaway clubs

Golf clubs are appropriately compiled by the sex and the physique of the people

Golf Club accessories

Wood golf clubs

The difference between these two types of golf clubs is essential for the overall understanding of the game. The wood golf clubs are long and slightly inclined. To use them, if you want to put a ball on a long distance.

The long shaft can be created from metal or graphite.

In recent decades, there is a tendency for the extension of the wood bat. Also their heads are getting bigger.

Because the woods were previously actually made from wood, they are still called

Golf Club wood

Wood golf clubs for women in matching pink color

Golf Club wood pink

Iron golf clubs

Iron used golf clubs for short strokes, which would have to be exact. They have a flat front and a much shorter shaft.

Thus it plays very well also on particularly difficult terrains. There are special subspecies for specific terrain such as sand for example.

Iron golf clubs require much precision

golf clubs iron

Wedges-used clubs for approach shots on the lawn

golf clubs iron levels

Putter golf club

Now we come to the putter-golf clubs

They are suitable for use at very small distance to the hole. The putter golf clubs have two subspecies.

Blade are preferred in most of the golfers. You are very tight in the front as well as in their rear. The simple design helps one to “feel the ball” better. You can beat so vigorously with less invested energy.

The putter is used for the game on the Green

golf clubs putter German

The putter is especially important, because he is much more often than the other clubs in use

golf clubs putter

For beginners it is advisable first to acquire the game with the putter golf club and only then to start, to play with other clubs.

Hybrid golf clubs

There are also hybrid types. They can be used as a reserve in some stages of the game.

Hybride-golf clubs to use as a substitute of iron or wood

Golf Club hybrid degree

The manufacture of golf clubs should be very accurate and error-free

beats full golf set

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