Good Diet For Diseases TOP 10 Of Most Recommended Food

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What does good nutrition in disease?

Who still believes that the quick recovery is related only to drugs? You can alleviate the symptoms in other ways, and heal. But you to become even stronger–physically and mentally, keep the disease away and if possible no longer visited.

Many aspects play a very special highlighting a role and the diet. Today we want to write articles just in this.

How much and what do you eat to get soon better? We want to answer these questions in the following lines.

It is possible that the good diet replaced the drugs

good diet cold medicines

1.Nahrhaft and vegetarian – lentil strengthens and fortifies

good diet cold lentil soup

Visible and invisible issues fought 2.Ingwer with honey and lemon

good diet cold cold fresh healthy

The immune system

It is much written and said what was good or bad for our immune system. But what is this really? It is the system of all these mechanisms that protect us from external influences. It protects us from diseases and ensures that the troubled bad bacteria to fight in us.The healthy food is that which promotes the functioning of the immune system.

You can accelerate the recovery 3.Mit garlic on your side

good diet cold garlic

The key points

There are some key points at which the immune system most can be affected, both in a positive and in a negative sense.

The first such a place is the mouth. The microbes, but also good, healthy substances spread best from here.

The stomach and the stomach acid

Here, the bacteria need to be tackled, which came through the mouth in our body. Why is the health of the stomach-intestinal system of fundamental importance for that are as healthy.

4.Scharfes expels the infections far

good diet chilli cold

The mechanisms in the body.

If the bad bacteria through the stomach, there are other mechanisms that provide for their destruction. This functional area of the immune system also needs to be promoted.

5.Die bananas give you strength and make you tired

good diet cold banana Snort

We do not have to mention 6.Das that chicken soup helps

good diet food healthy soup cold ginger

General information

To support your immune system generally, you need plenty of amino acids, fatty acids, ballast fibres, vitamins and minerals.

You do yourself no favours if you eat lots of saturated fat and sugar.

alkaline diet cold honey

alkaline diet cold ginger

7.Kräutertees work for regular consumption

alkaline diet cold cold fresh chicken soup


You need many sources of probiotics/Präbiotikasichern. This must not happen in the form of drugs, but through a healthy, balanced diet. Probiotics sources are sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, yogurt, cheese, good wine, soy sauce and many others.

Prebiotics exist in the following vegetables: oatmeal, beans, quinoa, potatoes, garlic, onions, etc.

Most fruits are good sources of Prebiotics and also applies well to modern Super food – the Chia seeds.

alkaline diet cold fresh herbs cold

Healthy fats help quickly

alkaline diet cold healthy fats

You have to try 8.Koreanische ginseng root

alkaline diet cold ginseng radish

alkaline diet cold cold fresh ginseng korea

9.Heimischer horseradish is more potent as an antibacterial agent

alkaline diet cold fresh horseradish

Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins

alkaline diet grapefruit pepper

alkaline diet cold fresh juices Snort

alkaline diet cold prbiotisch cold

10 dairy products improve your health

alkaline diet cold cold prbiotisch yogurt

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