Good Fantasy Movies: Metropolis 1927 And Other Cool Fantasy Movies

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good fantasy films some of the coolest fantasy movies

Movies predict the future of the design and architecture of good fantasy

Sci-fi films are very popular, and yet it is doubtful whether one is really aware of their actual potential. Today we want to ask this question to you. We have selected some titles of films from the last century. If you look at their time and then the scenarios, one finds that they were accurate prophecies for the future (from’s perspective).

Some of the coolest fantasy movies at all – the LOTR

good fantasy movies Lord of the rings

The question on every single person now is: you think that this is a coincidence? Maybe you would see films with entirely different eyes under this article of the good fantasy. To do this, you have some great titles, which really are a must for sci-fi fans.

Prophets of science fiction

Good fantasy movies prophets of science fiction 2011

Prophets of science fiction – 2011

Series this is one of the good American Sci-Fi. Following the work and life of well-known writers in the field of fantasy in it. It explores the connection between the then depicted in their works as fiction and the events that happened after that in reality. Noteworthy is the accuracy with which the former players that say the development of contemporary cities.

American Sci-Fi series

Good fantasy movies prophets of science fiction cool fantasy movies

Metropolis 1927

Can you imagine: the film is more than a century years old, he is a classic. Everything there is done in a developed, modern society. The strong of the day watch and manipulate the people who rise up against their power. Guide of a plot is a love story. It is between a girl from the working class and the privileged son of the Mayor.

Metropolis 1927

Good fantasy movies metropolis 1927

The eternal love story

Good fantasy movies metropolis 1927 movie scene

A classic among the fantasy films

Cool fantasy movies metropolis 1927 movie scene

Helvetica 2007

It would like all the people who have a passion for graphic design. To the 50th anniversary of the famous font was created there. History brings on thoughts about what remains popular in the long term in our society, and what his time rather after the offense gets into oblivion.

Helvetica – a documentary film about typography and graphic design

Cool fantasy film Helvetica 2007 movie poster

The human scale of 2012

The plot is based on a 40-year study of cities and their development. This was implemented by the Danish architect Jan Gehl. This is the essential question in the foreground. What happens to us by 2050, if 80% of people (at 50% today) in the big cities will be staying?

The human scale of 2012 – a Danish documentary film directed by 2012

Cool fantasy films the human scale 2012 movie poster

Surviving progress 2011

Like human scale asks you the question here also our destiny as humanity and trying to decipher the characters in the present. This also happens as it should be in sci-fi movies, based on the theme of modern architecture.

Surviving progress

Cool fantasy films surviving the progress 2011

Avatar – setting out for Pandora

Good fantasy movies avatar cool fantasy movies

The wizard of Oz

cool fantasy films of the wizard of Oz

Edward Scissorhands

cool fantasy films Edward Scissorhands

Thor (2011)

cool fantasy films Thor movie scene

The Harry Potter film series

Good fantasy movies Harry Potter movie scene

Percy Jackson – thieves in the Olympus

good fantasy movies Percy JacksonThe Olympians the Lightning Thief


good fantasy film Stardust of Stardust

The Chronicles of Narnia, c.s. Lewis

good fantasy film the Chronicles of Narnia

The legend of Aang

good fantasy films of the Last Airbender cool fantasy movies

The Scorpion King (2002) with Dwayne Johnson

good fantasy films the Scorpion King

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