Green Fashion As An Alternative To The Fast Fashion

Posted on Jun 29, 2016

About green mode, and the unpleasant facts about their alternatives

What are the first brands that you can call it spontaneous? We can also very spontaneously tell you, that’s almost the most people to brand is fashion. Because the reality is so: most offer brands still almost fashion, although the alternative, namely the green mode, there is also a trend.

Sustainable fashion as an alternative to the fast fashion

green mode as an alternative to the fast fashion brands

In this article, we want to provide more clarity on what is meant by sustainable clothing. We do that by we clarify what is not… We give you some unpleasant truths about the fast fashion, which is the alternative to the sustainable fashion. If you keep this information in mind when shopping, you will probably automatically make the choice which is good for people and planet.

The truth about the fast fashion

green mode as an alternative to the fast fashion fashion industry

New collections every week

Previously, there were two main seasons in fashion – spring-summer and autumn-winter. Now there are somehow several mini seasons. It urges us to buy and another change of clothes. Our desire to look current and meet public expectations, ensures that we blindly follow these trends. Would be conscious to wear clothes that are up-to-date for several seasons and a few years.

Fast fashion drives us to buy more and more

green mode as an alternative to the fast fashion cheap dresses

By the way, someone else paid for it, and not only we. We all feel the effects of environmental pollution, and which contributes almost fashion uniquely strong. But in some countries people are dying because they work as cheap labour in appalling conditions.

The discounts are no real discounts

The real prices of clothes are actually… Can you imagine how cheap, someone must be paid so that we can buy a T-Shirt for less than $5?

Discounts or the real prices of clothes?

green mode as an alternative to the fast fashion discounts

And the dangerous chemical substances?

The hazardous chemicals with which for example, cotton is processed, killing many people and animals in the countries of origin of the dress production. They are also harmful for our own skin.

Dangerous substances

green mode as an alternative to the fast fashion collections

The cheap clothes are too expensive in the long run

Many people, it’s too expensive to buy cheap. You know that expression? Yes, this is indeed so. If you rely only on fast fashion, then you have the problem that virtually every couple of weeks to get something new, because the old clothes break go too fast.

A closet full of “Nothing to wear”

green mode as an alternative to the fast fashion

Jewels of the dresses are sewn by children…

The decorative elements are a typical task for the children in the poorest countries. For this reason, we can buy such items of clothing not with a clear conscience, how well you should like us also…

Shop consciously. After the origin of garments, ask critical questions. This concerns your own health. So you understand every day clearly, what is sustainable and what not… There are more and more sustainable fashion pieces in the large business chains for clothes. This is because they are now under heavy public pressure. You enforce sustainable clothing very slowly the trend, because of fast fashion is faster and bigger…

The true face of the fashion industry

green mode as an alternative to the fast fashion factory

Sustainable, you can buy but in the specially certified more expensive brands or from local manufacturers. You work more with regionally-produced materials, produced by fair paid and treated employees.

Designer Stella McCartney stands for sustainable fashion

green mode as an alternative to the fast fashion Stella McCartney

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