Groom Fashion 2016-15 Haute Couture Outfits For The Fashion Conscious Man

Groom fashion at the highest level

Of course women want to feel chic and beautiful on their wedding, but also men. Sometimes even the men are much conscious and love always to be the central point and to draw everyone’s attention. Also our collection of 15 trendy is intended exactly for such representatives of the stronger sex Haute Couture outfits. We the groom introduce today fashion by two popular Italian fashion brands – Carlo Pignatelli and Maestrami. Both have existed since the middle of the 20th century and have been established in the world fashion strong – especially if it is a wholly-owned male elegance in combination with the retro charm of the 50s.  And although the two brands are unique, they have very much in common. The fashion philosophy both includes in particular the fusion of innovation and tradition. Clear lines of cuts, high quality innovative fabrics and immaculate tailoring of the highest level are just a few of the most important components of the successful history of these designer houses.

The latest collections 2016 fashion proved it again by Carlo Pignatelli and Maestrami in terms of groom, that’s talking about exclusivity and pure manhood. There are especially suits in black, dark blue, light grey and Burgundy in the trend this season. The preferred materials are elastic and shiny and give an even higher-end touch the outfit. Filigree pattern resembling lace, decorate the jackets and at the same time provide a fine retro touch. In addition to as a groom, feel especially comfortable and flattered every woman and certainly without any hesitation to pronounce the vows.

Groom fashion straight from the catwalk

groom fashion elegant menswear jacket pants haute couture carlo pignatelli 2016

The latest collection by Maestrami smack is also an even greater vintage feel. The suits are elaborated in the same colours as those of Carlo Pignatelli. There are still more pattern and the cut is even closer. At the same time you meet also on the typical James Bond look in shiny grey.

It’s all a matter of taste of course. It is not said that you here should look like the models on your wedding. Take the collections as a positive suggestion and rich source of inspiration and opt for your very special groom outfit that will impress your future better half in the total package.

Elegant Haute Couture suit by Maestrami

groom fashion light grey suit collection 2016 haute couture maestrami

Vintage look at the highest level

groom fashion vintage retro look haute couture noble 2016 maestrami

groom fashion suit vintage floral pattern vest maestrami

Check out the sometimes send outfits by Carlo Pignatelli, on

groom fashion black suit haute couture carlo pignatelli 2016

More Haute Couture, visit

groom fashion dark blue suit jacket fly pants carlo pignatelli

More insights into the latest groom collection of Carlo Pignatelli

groom fashion grey suit satin haute couture 2016 carlo pignatelli

groom fashion elegant suit men's fashion black satin haute couture carlo pignatelli 2016

groom fashion cream white suit haute couture carlo 2016 pignatelli

groom fashion elegant männermode carlo pignatelli 2016

groom fashion elegant männermode collection 2016 carlo pignatelli

groom fashion elegant menswear collection 2016 carlo pignatelli

groom fashion menswear collection carlobignatelli 2016

groom fashion männermode fashion show 2016 haute couture carlo pignatelli

groom fashion black haute couture 2016 carlo pignatelli