Guccio Gucci – World Class Design And Perfect Elegance

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Guccio Gucci women's bag Fotor collage

Guccio Gucci and his fashion

Today’s contribution is also still something in addition to the representation of a person. We will provide an insight into the diversity of the Gucci brand now. This was while a people is a result of – Guccio Cucci. But ultimately, many people of this large family have contributed to the brand development.

Today, Gucci is a successful international company. It has very many fashion accessories, dresses, jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics. But even this success story has a beginning. From this, the speech will be today.

Because Guccio Gucci is the founder of the company. He began in 1921 with a small shop in Florence. If someone at that time ever could have imagined, what emerges for an empire after all these years?

Fine leather accessories manufacture

Guccio Gucci leather goods past Hall workers

Something from his biography

Let us first something about biography of Guccio Gucci. First he lived in France, then he moved to London. He worked in various luxury hotels. At this time, he is impressed heavily from the style of prosperous life and especially of the leather suitcases of hotel guests.

He returns to Florence in 1903 after many years abroad. He rented a small shop. Then, he dealt primarily with the processing of fine leather accessories. in 1922, he has already his own shop, where he sold this type of goods. in 1946, his family had 14 shops and 46 boutiques, which were spread all over Europe and in the United States.

The Museum of Gucci in Florence

Guccio Gucci Museum

Dresses are produced since the 60s

The company founded by Guccio Gucci, beginning later much, to produce dresses. In the 1960s, this was already a reality. Gucci was in 1966 a scarf for Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco worked out.

A family business

As at most large companies in Italy, we have to do here with a family business. After another, the sons of Gucci management took over one. These are Rodolfo, Aldo, Ugo, and Vasko. You have found a cheaper substitute of the leather. They were mashed linen fabrics.

Still, they have created the logo of Gucci, which we know well until today,

Guccio Gucci fashion brand

You have made it to a Museum

Today there is a museum on 171 square meters area, where the fans of this brand can see their recent collections in Florence. You can also get more information about the history and the brand.

The new women’s collection in 2015

Guccio Gucci collection 2015

Discreet femininity in leather

Guccio Gucci modern woman

The men’s collection in 2015

Guccio Gucci Herrenmode collection 2015

Easy Gucci

Guccio Gucci women's bag

Timeless profile and precious materials

Guccio Gucci's watches Schick

2015, the latest handbags collection

Guccio Gucci leather bags women's 2015

Premium makeup

Guccio Gucci Make Up

Trendy women’s and men’s fragrances

Guccio Gucci Parfume

Celebrities like to wear Gucci

Guccio Gucci bags of celebrities

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