Hair Care Yourself: Hair Mask For More Volume

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Homemade hair masks for more volume and better shape

Oily hair without form, volume and with dry tips? Does this all sound familiar? How much money have you spent already for cosmetics, which promises to help you in fighting these disadvantages of your hair? You have perhaps noticed, that you initially in fact show a good effect. Take however many pollutants through these cosmetics in your hair and skin. In the long run you get broken so even more hair. Is there a way out of this vicious circle? Yes, definitely – there is this. These are some simple, homemade masks and other useful resources you can prepare.

Make hair care yourself

hair care yourself beautiful hair make hair mask tipsToday’s deals specifically with the care of oily hair without volume. We want to tell you of a simple hair mask. It provides for more shine and volume to your hair. Furthermore, this hair mask against the fast fat will help.

We also present a homemade styling product. With this, you can freeze the desired hairstyle without having the hair are dirty.

Both care products promote the natural beauty of your hair and are still super cheap to do so.

Nice hair tips – the effect of home-made masks

hair masks make for beautiful hair hair care yourself

Cocoa, yogurt and egg yolk

Whole coffee cup cocoa, half Tea Cup yogurt and one egg yolk – are these simple ingredients all you need for the great hair mask. You mix these three ingredients together until everything appears quite homogeneous. Apply first to the scalp and the hair roots and then the whole length of the hair. Soak the hair mask for 20 minutes. The mask will be slightly dry. Apply a layer of now. Then wrap your hair with a plastic bag. Keep so still for 10 minutes.

Then wash the hair thoroughly. Make this mask twice a week.

Join the hair care myself… Cocoa

himself hair care make hair mask with cocoa

Yogurt and…

himself hair care make hair mask with yogurt

Egg yolk

himself hair care make hair mask with egg yolk

Why does this homemade hair mask?

All three products have a strong beneficial effect. The yogurt cleanses the skin in depth. The egg yolk has lots of vitamins and that is very good for the hair of course. Cocoa promotes growth.

The three ingredients together make a ravishing effect. You have Radiant healthy hair with volume. You can also easily styled into the desired shape.

Beauty of nature

himself hair care tips hair mask make shampooing use

Homemade brow hair spray

In addition to missing volumes, girls with fine and greasy hair have another problem. Struggling to keep them in the appropriate form. In the second part of this article we will tell you how you can also solve this problem.

You could make yourself Haarsray – one of the ingredients is herbal tea

himself hair care make hair spray with herbal tea

Ingredients and other resources:

A spray bottle from the Pharmacy
2 SL essential oil of your choice

2 SL herbal tea
1 SL sea salt
Small amount of Hair Conditioner
200 ml water
1 spoon, 1 Bowl and 2 cups

Brow hair spray for oily hair

hair care themselves make homemade hair spray recipe


Pour the tea into the bowl and add the hot water. Wait 3 minutes and pour it into another bowl. Let cool for 5 minutes and mix in the salt. Stir until it has completely dissolved.

In the other Bowl should get pour some of a hair conditioner. Best, you select a product that is suitable for dry hair.

Slowly mix the rinsing with the tea. Wait five minutes until the rinse completely has dissolved in tea.

Now can you just drop some of the essential oil. That amplified the effect of the spray.

Now fill the spray bottle and put them in the refrigerator.


There are three ways to apply this spray. If you have slightly wavy hair, spray some of this liquid in the hair and gently shape them with the hair. If you have straight hair, spray them first and make braids.  After 20 minutes you reach a ravishing effect.

So you dress nice curls…

himself hair care make hair mask for beautiful curls using hair spray

There is also a third approach: form curls with the curling iron and sprinkle them with the spray. So, your carefully sculpted curls hold very long.

This spray is suitable for oily hair.

Beautiful hair made easy

himself hair care make hair mask for oily hair

Make yourself hair care – hair masks with natural products

join himself hair care hair mask honey avocado milk

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