Healthy Carbohydrates? Yes, Of Course There’s That!

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Healthy carbs are important for our body

Some diet and fitness experts advise us the enormous consumption of carbohydrates. That promise rapid weight loss and this we would be in better shape for a long time. But how healthy is this setting? Must the carbs are really so demonized? We believe this should be not the case. There are many healthy carbohydrates. According to a large number of health experts we should not only eat it, but they would represent an increasingly important part of our diet.

Healthy carbohydrates – healthy lose weight and abstain from carbohydrates not

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Healthy carbs are of enormous importance for our body

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What carbohydrates are for healthy?

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About the “good” and “bad” carbs

In the vast amount of information, the orientation about the bad and good carbohydrates is sometimes quite difficult. That’s why each of us should acquire a certain basic knowledge. So we can consider critically the different theories. You would need to know, for example, that healthy Kohlеnhydrate constitute the main food for our brain. First, if they are to end, the body begins to burn fat and other substances. But then, what are the unhealthy carbohydrates? These are the refined products. They are processed by the body difficult. This chocolate and other sweets are a typical example.

Nuts provide the organism with healthy carbohydrates

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Attempts to take off, does not exclude but healthy diet

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Healthy carbs are processed slowly, but right. These are fruits, rice, potatoes, root vegetables. Where the objection is right that they are eaten in a most unprocessed state. This is the reason why E.g. Brown rice is healthier than other rice varieties.

Fruits and vegetables are healthy food, which the human organism needs

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Rice contains important nutrients

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Recipe ideas with rice

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Potatoes are important source of carbohydrates

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Baked potatoes

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How many carbohydrates should you eat in everyday life?

The pronouns and opponent of carbohydrates match together at a certain point. The traditional diet is too high in carbohydrates. For the modern lifestyle, moving little in everyday life, a smaller amount of carbohydrates is announced. Every man for himself would have to determine the correct amount. You should feel satiated and not too full. Try to eat slowly and to feel this limit in itself. Also, you should achieve change in carbohydrates. One-third of the carbohydrates should come from fruits.

Fruits are an important part of our diet

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Proper distribution of carbohydrates during the day

You would have to eat the fruits preferably in the morning. At this time, the body of accumulated toxins released by the last day. By the consumption of fruits, you will help this process. The largest portions should be eaten for lunch. Here, the combination of proteins and carbohydrates should be avoided.

Tips to healthy eating

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All healthy recipes with carbohydrates are highly recommended. Ideally, the fats from fresh pressed oils and nuts should go. The bread should be the best whole grain and without yeast.

To bread but eat wholemeal bread

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Healthy recipe ideas with carbohydrates

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In the evening, our metabolism is slower. For this reason, the amount of food should be smaller. You should eat a few proteins. Eat vegetables, beans and nuts. There are enough proteins.

At night eat beans

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Nuts are healthy and tasty

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Most people feel happier and more satisfied in everyday life with such a diet plan. They are fed up and have enough energy. At appropriate levels, adequate exercise and other healthy setting, you could take off even with a high carbohydrate intake.

Healthily so varied

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Enjoy the food

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And get well Kohlenhyrdrate

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