Healthy Diet – Better Eating Habits Reduce The Sugar

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Reduce the sugar and healthier by conscious nutrition

The contemporary food industry ensures that we eat much more sugar than we actually need. This brings many risks. The refined sugar contains a hidden form in many products. If you diet, you can avoid the large amounts of sugar. Can show us how to do it.

Beware-conscious nutrition – in what quantities you take sugar

tips eat healthy sugar sugar types

Healthy diet is the key to healthy living

conscious feeding food fresh fruit

Is difficult to realize, is better for your health to eat less candy

healthy eating sweets health lifestyle

Why should we reduce the sugar?

Reduce sugar and healthier living

food health healthy tips sugar watch level

Sugar contains in many pet foods

healthy eating fruits kids eat adult

Sugar is directly or indirectly for following bad health conditions:

Insulin resistance and diabetes;
Weak immune system;
Increased risk of chronic health problems;
Negative influence on the calcium-phosphorus balance;
Obesity and increase;
Fungi and bacterial infections;
Heart circulatory problems;
Acceleration of the aging process;
Liver problems;
Inability of the body to absorb important substances

Different types of sugar

Many underestimate the amount of sugar in their diet as a result of lack of knowledge. There are many types of sugar and they are contained in the various products.

Do you know all types of sugar?

eat sugar types health reduce sugar

Honey can replace sugar in most cases

conscious nutrition honnig instead of sugar

Glucose – this is the type of sugar that is produced by the human body and is one of the main source of energy for us.

Known as fruit sugar fructose.

Lactose – lactose;

Sucrose – that is the sugar that we buy. In the stomach, it is divided into glucose and fructose.

Maltose – is formed when resolving power.

Partially refined sugar.

Brown sugar;

Molasses – precipitation, formed during the process of the extraction of sugar from the sugar or the juice of beet.

Powdered sugar – in fine crystals of ground sugar mixed with starch.


Maple sugar – sugar which is produced during the cooking of maple syrup.

Corn syrup – it contains maltose and glucose and is made from corn starch.

These are not all kinds of sugar. On the basis of this not very detailed overview, we want to show you how we should eat a lot of this stuff in everyday life.

How can you reduce the amount of sugar in everyday life?

Here are some simple rules by which you reduce the sugar in your blood.

Prefer the natural products before the artificial:

Here is a simple example: In the ketchup, there’s much more sugar than in a natural tomato purée. It looks generally with all natural products.

The tomato is healthier than the ketchup

tomatenpürre eat healthy yourself zubeiten healthier

So you’d better put on tomato puree, if possible

conscious diet ketchup more sugar

Ketchup contains more sugar than the tomato puree

healthy diet healthy ketchup tomatensouce

You can also prepare tomato purée

tomatoes eat healthy puree sugar reduce

Healthy living and control the sugar level in the body through proper nutrition

healthy tips eat sugar sugar tomato species tomato puree or ketchup

No sweetener

Sweetener is not a solution. He is harmful. That’s for sure now. Never prefer them before the normal sugar. In practice, this for example means that you should drink better sugar-free Cola than this with sweetener.

Honey instead of sugar

Honey is healthy and our bodies can use slightly more of them. For this reason, you should prefer dear honey.

Prefer honey and healthier living

conscious nutrition tips honey healthier sugar types #-conscious diet tips little sugar honnig-prefer

Prepare juices, you eat but also enough whole fresh fruits

You can prepare always healthier fruit. There are the hottest new kitchen appliances. Yet time and again certain substances will be lost. So, don’t forget to eat as many fresh fruits. So you take more ballast fibers.

Fresh fruits be good for your health

Apple healthy diet food fruit healthy

Eat fruits, is important for our body

healthy diet healthy fruits of sense of Apple

Especially in the warm summer days you can enjoy fruits like

conscious food fresh fruit healthy eating

Worried about your health, and choose products which contain no artificial sweetener. This is not a solution for a healthy diet

healthy diet healthy eating tips fruits

You eat healthy, you feel comfortable. Then enjoy life and is happy

healthy food health family lifestyle sugar level control

Candy man can not completely exclude from its menu, but should reduce

healthy eating candy sugar types sugar reduce health

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