Healthy Eating And Thinking – Is Really Happy That Us?

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Healthy food for the modern-thinking people of today

You want to be successful and prevail in the profession? Must you squat so many hours before the PC and do research on the Internet for new ideas and inspiration? This is inevitable. However all that trouble of the world brings you nothing at all, if you are not healthy living. You need to move much, to feel physically good. Also, you should eat healthy and put a high value on these foods, which promote the work of your brain.

The definition of healthy eating can be very individual

eat healthy with vegetables salmon

If you doubt your knowledge, what is actually called healthy eating, or if you want to check whether you have missed anything important, you remain with us. We want to show you what food is important for your health and your ability to think.

The variety makes it healthy

eat balanced menu breakfast

Factors that may suppress the ability to think

We start first with the factors which suppress the ability to think. Before you remove it, all the good food does not help you. Certainly, the alcohol is a very disturbing factor. Also the stress, fatigue, insomnia prevents us to be effective in the job.

Determine the form itself

eat balanced menu form

Removing all these factors, it is ready to take care of, which specifically is the ability to think thought for promoting a healthy menu. We want to address this topic now.

It is best if nothing is missing at the table

eat balanced menu gernellen protein

The ideal menu

A person who is intellectually, should eat between 75 and 90 grams of fat per day. This amount of fat may be animal or vegetable origin, various oils and Omega-3 fatty acids should dominate. You need lots of vegetables and fruits, because these are also important for the ability to think. You can get about 50 grams dark chocolate per day allow what is the benefit for the ability to think.

Eat, exercise and positive thinking could be the secret formula

eat balanced menu gernellen protein

Light food and variety of used products in one

healthy balanced menu eat avocado

eat healthy with vegetables salmon

Miss a meal

eat healthy with vegetables salmon

In addition, you need protein. They promote the brain cells and play an important role in the speed and quality of brain impulses.

Carbohydrates should also be present in the menu. They provide for the formation of glucose and are necessary for the realization of all thought processes.

Forget not the antioxidants. Make sure that the activity of the brain is activated.

Combine vegetables with cereals

healthy balanced menu vegetable and rice

A homemade Hirsensalat for lunch

healthy balanced menu eat millet

exotic food healthy balanced menu

Also the eyes

eat healthy balanced menu exciting

Food for more focus

Do you have problems with the concentration? Here are some food and tips which can help you specifically in this regard. First, insert a lot of olive oil to your menu. This is very rich in antioxidants. Eat fish and other seafood at least twice a week. They contain much phosphorus and saturated fatty acids. Greatly promote the brain cells.

Make sure when purchasing on the freshness of the food

eat healthy balanced menu put the shopping list

sometimes colors the plate set up

eat balanced menu light kost

Eating sushi with pleasure

eat healthy balanced menu sushi

The preparation of the meat is crucial for the health

eat healthy balanced menu exciting

Eat more fruits and vegetables to supply your body with as much B6. Apples and grapes contain very much of it.

In your daily menu, you need to insert lots of iron and vitamin B-12 also.

All tastes should be present in your menu

eat balanced menu variety

The satellite makers

The satellite makers are important for the balance in the menu. Potatoes, rice and bort in measured quantities are important for your energy and ability to think. You enable them very much

Nuts strengthen the brain and provide the body with healthy fats

nuts eat balanced menu

If you have to think faster

Sometimes you need to solve difficult tasks and fast and good decisions. There are a number of products that can promote your ability to think quickly. These are grapes, fish, raisins, spinach, blueberries, soy milk, currants, pumpkin seeds, liver, cheese.


eat healthy salmon with vegetables weight salad

The food should be nice to look at

shrimps eat balanced menu

Also see this food proteins

eat balanced menu crabs

You must be aware that those food products containing sugar must be enjoyed with caution. If you do this, although not really strenuous physical or mental activity is imminent, it may lead to that you have too much energy and get nervous.

Legumes should be eaten regularly especially in the absence of the meat

balanced menu legumes eat healthy

Move more, so that you eat less

The people who are intellectually engaged, have more hunger than those who are more physically active. That is scientifically proven and has his reasons in our physiology. For this reason, you should feel no guilt when you have more appetite, although not much moving. You should schedule more time for sport and exercise instead.

This naturally take off and you will promote also your concentration, i.e. You are up for the time at sport “wasted” quickly!

Less is more

eat balanced menu filet

chicken eat balanced menu

balanced menu salmon fillet food healthy

eat balanced menu milk

healthy balanced menu protein fat food

eat healthy with vegetables salmon

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