Healthy Eating, Based On Good Knowledge Of Proteins And Essential Amino Acids

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Healthy eating – what you should know about the essential amino acids and proteins

The use of proteins and amino acids in our food is a difficult subject. Unfortunately, a good explanation is found only rarely and we would like to now offer exactly such you.

Healthy eating includes also knowledge about the food

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Healthy eating – what are the sources of proteins?

healthy eating tips worth knowing proteins

The proteins make up 12% of the human body. Take part in many important biological processes. The amino acids are components of proteins.

Here is a brief overview of the functions of the proteins in the human body

Attach the structure of muscles, tendons and this skin and hair.
They produce antibodies and play an important role for the development of the immune system.
You will receive the water and acid balance in the body.
They are the components of all enzymes in the body.
Some hormones are created from proteins.

Protein sources

Animal food

This category includes all animal – and Michprodukte, as well as eggs and fish. There are also a number of vegetable sources of proteins. These are the bean and grain crops, as well as many different seeds and nuts.

The known animal protein sources

healthy meat proteins

Eating fish provides the organism with proteins

healthy eating fish proteins

The eggs are not only delicious, they are also a source of protein

eat eggs cooked healthy proteins

Dairy products are healthy

healthy eating dairy products proteins

Healthy eating with proteins from plants

Because the vegetarian food is becoming increasingly topical, we want to dedicate a portion of our article on the sources of protein from plants.


Soy and soy products are the best-known and most-eaten protein sources. You can replace the meat in different dishes.

The soy is a good replacement of protein from meat

eat soy vegetable protein sources


The nuts contain lots of fats and proteins. You are a powerful source of energy, but at the same time also pretty high.

Nuts contain many proteins

proteins eat healthy nuts swell

Grain products

The grain products are not just tasty! If you often eat them, they provide your body with many valuable proteins.

Include also grain in your daily menu

grain products proteins eat healthy

Leguminous crops

Eat more beans, lentils, peas and chickpeas. So to prepare both cooked and fresh dishes and salads. You can make various pastes from the chickpeas. They are tasty and make tired!

The leguminous crops offer a variety in the menu of the day

protein beans nutrition

If you eat enough of these foods, you will be satisfied. You will almost always have the necessary amount of amino acids.

The amino acids

The proteins consist of amino acids. They influence the functioning of many organs and glands. The amino acids are responsible for transporting and storing the food in the body.

The main difference between these and the sugar and fatty acids is the content of nitrogen. In the amino acids it is located at approximately 16% and in the second and it does not give him third.

Essential amino acids

There are essential and non-essential amino acids. 8 – L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine, L-lysine, L-methionine, L-phenylalanine, L-threonine, L-tryptophan, L-Valine belong to the first group as a whole.

They are produced by the body not in a natural way and we need to get them through the diet or as a food additive.

The proteins are actually an important part of the food

nuts eat proteins

Why are the amino acids important?

Of the amino acids, the correct functioning of the vitamins and minerals in the body depends on to a large extent. The lack of these can lead to a variety of pathological conditions. Among other things a number of depression can be thus explained.

Some amino acids are responsible for providing the muscles with energy. Others send different signals to the brain.

Good knowledge of the proteins and use of this in everyday life is of vital importance for the good functioning of the body.

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