Healthy Eating – Delicious Recipe Ideas For Summer Time

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Tasty and healthy food for a perfect summer

Eat healthy and light, and be filled – that summer dishes need to secure us. That is thanks to matching recipes. Those there are plenty and they are not necessarily complicated.

We introduce you the following lines to the summer satellite makers. These are products that provide your body with the right ingredients in the summer, so that they look nice and healthy.

Summer dishes and refreshing drinks

healthy eating sandwiches with Sommerfrühten

Corn on Grill

Grill less meat and more vegetables. You should try necessarily also maize. He makes you tired, he is good for the stomach. He can give a wonderful taste salads in this form.

You back up your body so that much-needed vitamin A in the summer.

Place corn on the grill vegetarian barbecue recipes-

healthy eating summer vegetables grilled corn

Water melon

The watermelon is a real gift of summer nature for our health. It makes satellite, has many fiber and ensures the good skin hydration. What do you need for more?

According to taste, you can eat the watermelon with feta cheese. This is an ideal combination for summer dinner!

You can also Broil water melon

healthy eating grilled watermelon barbecue recipes

Watermelon cubes with feta cheese

healthy eating watermelon feta cheese skewers

Play with your food and freely express your feelings

healthy eating watermelon heart Blueberry skewers

Homemade iced tea

The purchased ice tea is full of sugar and it is not recommended. You can prepare these but at home and add honey instead of sugar. There are refreshing combinations with citrus fruit, lime, mint leaves, etc.

The regular enjoyment of homemade iced tea is used as a detox cure and hydrated your body. You feel good, reduce the danger from overheating and dehydration. Your skin and hair will look also much better by regular drinking of iced tea and healthy.

Homemade iced tea – a refreshing summer drink

summer drinks refreshing healthy eating homemade lemonade ice tea

Fruit salad

The abundance of fresh fruit can be in the summer even to the excessive demands. We would have so much and everything! In a summer fruit salad, you can combine quite different varieties.

If you make this salad at home, you create your own combinations. Low-fat cream in measured amounts can be quite healthy. If you want to combine with small amounts of nuts and honey.

Fruit salad – the best Court in the summer

healthy eating fruit salad healthy eating strawberries

Combine watermelon and blueberries

summer drinks refreshing healthy eating and fruit salad

Cold soups

The Mediterranean cuisine wouldn’t offers a variety of cold soups. Gazpacho is one such example. This soup comes in different variants. The tomatoes will provide you with lots of vitamin C. You feel tired and refreshed.

According to taste, you can add different spices and they hydrate your body.

Cold tomato soup or gazpacho still called

healthy eating cold soup tomato soup gazpacho

Cold cucumber soup

healthy eating cold soups cucumber soup with Basil

Gazpacho made from corn

healthy eating cold soup corn gazpacho

Poultry skewers

In the summer, you should eat less meat. At the same time it must be excluded from the menu. Poultry skewers are a very good dish, if you eat this once or twice a week. Other good alternatives are the lean meats. Combine meat and various vegetables on a skewer.

Chicken vegetable skewers

healthy eating chicken vegetable skewers barbecue recipes


Under the vegetables for the summer, we would highlight the zucchini. Prepare the grill or in the oven. They can insert them first in flour (rice or whole wheat flour) and eggs, to achieve a better and special taste.

Baked stuffed Zucchini with Parmesan cheese

healthy eating summer ideas stuffed courgettes

Fish and seafood cocktails

Fish and seafood are simply mandatory for the summer. Not too fast so that to become tired, try out different creative recipes. Covers dinner would be a chic and delicious dinner the so called shrimp cocktails.

Shrimp cocktail as an appetizer

healthy eating shrimp cocktail with mango Salsa

Drink plenty of water and healthy beverages

For beautiful skin and hair, you must drink very many liquids. Some great options are water, amniotic cocktails and juices with low sugar. Swim too much – the water is the essence of summer beauty and healthy living this season.

Refreshing Strawberry drink

summer drinks refreshing healthy eating Strawberry Lemonade

Drink as much water

summer drinks refreshing healthy eating water with Strawberry

The watermelon consists of 95% water

healthy eating summer ideas drinks watermelonhealthy eating summer ideas watermelonhealthy eating homemade drinks refreshing lemonade summer

Yogurt with delicious citrus fruits

healthy eating yoghurt with citrus summer desserts

Peach mozzarella with Basil and balsamic vinegar

healthy eating cold appetizers mozzarella peacheating healthy salad ideas with salmon and seafoodeating healthy summer drinks Gin summer grapefruit soda

Delicious dessert with homemade ice cream

healthy eating summer ideas tasty desserthealthy eating homemade ice cream with Kiwihealthy eating summer ideas ice yourself makehealthy eating summer ideas stuffed peppershealthy eating grilled vegetables Zucchinihealthy eating summer ideas fruit salad

Enjoy the warm summer evenings in the open air

healthy eating summer ideas romantic dinner

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