Healthy Eating – Diet Recipes With Greasy Products? Is That Possible?

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Healthy eating – great greasy products for your diet recipes

Bold is automatically associated with weight gain and unattractive figure. This is not always the case. Some oily foods can help you lose weight. Today you will learn who they are and why they have such an effect.

Healthy eating – which oily products are still healthy?

healthy eating pork small porzionen

“Good” and “bad” fats?

There are quite simply said, greases with different functions.

They are all involved in the process of digestion and are responsible for the elasticity of cell membranes. They grossly divided into saturated and non-saturated acids.

Purely visually, you distinguish the first because they are solid at room temperature. The saturated fats are processed hard by the organism, and they may be consumed for this reason not in large quantities. We have to explain it but not complete for harmful as it happens so often lately.

Healthy diet – tips on how you eat healthy without giving up the oily products forever

healthy eating tips peanuts oily products

Many important vitamins included in the saturated and therefore they should represent already a part of our menu in appropriate quantities.

The second group is the so-called non-saturated fatty acids. They are divided into two groups, where the structure of the first poly saturated and the other – based Mono-saturated fatty acids. The chemical structure, they are much more complicated than the saturated, but the body easier absorbs them a lot. For this reason, they are recommended rather than the others.

Did you actually know the difference between the saturated and non-saturated acids?

live healthy walnuts eat oily products

Provide for a compensation of saturated and non-saturated fatty acids in the menu

Here is a secret of good and tasty food that much help in the preparation of delicious recipe ideas: combining saturated and non-saturated acids will help you to assimilate the first faster. In other words, there are high-calorie and containing abundant fat products that help with weight loss.

Here are some groups of such:

Lean pork into small portions. A crowd of up to 100 grams can be very healthy. In 100 grams of ham, about 2 grams of non saturated fatty acids contain and this is very helpful for the better absorption of the remaining ingredients. The pork contains lots of potassium and iron.

Delicious pork recipe idea

healthy eating pork dinner day


The most varieties of this also contain a fair amount of healthy, so non-saturated acids. The most you should include following in your menu: peanuts, walnuts, almonds. Their consumption helps you continue to fight heart disease and to avoid even their emergence.

Eating peanuts

healthy eating oily products peanuts

Almonds in the menu of the day include

live healthy nuts almonds eat oily products

Like to eat walnuts?

healthy eating walnuts eat oily products

Other healthy ingredients are vitamin E, phosphorus, and iodine.

Olive oil

If you want to have more oil in the salad dressing, select olive – or linen oil. Both are suitable also for thermal processing and this means that healthy to prepare many more delicious food to.

Prepare the salad with olive oil

live healthy salad prepared olive oil health

Black chocolate

The dark chocolate is a good choice if you want to eat delicious desserts and still not want to increase. Select but always original and noble brand, and eat in small quantities.

Do you like chocolate? Prefer prefer black!

live healthy dark chocolate food

Peanut butter

This is one of the traditional products, which are very much underestimated from a health perspective. Did you know that this butter contains mainly non-saturated peanut oil? Eat but little of it, because the product is already quite calories.

Oily products, which should not exclude from your diet

healthy eating oily products healthy eating peanut butter

Lamb meat

In addition to the Mono-saturated fat contains also the α-linolenic acid. You need this to avoid fatigue symptoms and mood changes.

Lamb with figs

live healthy lamb recipe ideas oily products


75% of fats in this product are mono – and poly-saturated. It still contains a number of healthy vitamins, minerals and other healthy ingredients.

How do you like the avocado?

live healthy tips diet eat avocado

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