Healthy Eating: Fish Dishes Are Tasty And Very Healthy

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quick Seafood Recipes healthy eating tips

Why is fish so healthy

Everyone has ever heard of a doctor or nutritionist to eat more fish. Also many vegetarian treat them. You should eat fish more often than meat. Fish is healthy for our body in many ways. It reduces the risk of heart and circulation problems and thus prolongs human life.

Simple fish dishes are very tasty and healthy

simple fish dishes healthy eating tips

Fish and seafood are healthy only if they are properly prepared. You should have at least once a week in the menu. Best you eat this two -, three -, or several times a week.

Recipes with fish

simple fish recipes healthy eating tips

Healthy eating: fish regularly eat – one three times a week

simple fish dishes recipes avocado salad nutrition

Dishes with seafood if you have in the menu

seafood seafood Appetizer Recipes Shrimp

Useful substances in the fish

Fish is very rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. These will contain abundantly above all in the sea fish species. All types of fish contain many very healthy amino acids that are to replace by no other.

There are many vitamins in fish. These include A, B1, B2, B12, and C, D, K and PP

fish and seafood recipes

The fish is still healthy, because it provides us with the micro elements potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese

fish dishes prepare fish fry nutrition tips

The different types of fish according to the fat

If you often eat fish, you should choose not to fat fish. Try to eat as much as possible of the fish, which contain 5% fat. Not completely do not but also on the types of fat. Some of the healthiest fish species are just the fettigsten. This applies E.g. for salmon.

Dishes with salmon

simple fish dishes with salmon healthy eating tips

Salmon in foil – recipe

simple fish dishes with fish in Folio nutrition tips

Health benefits of regular fish consumption

Now we would like to describe the health benefits, which you immediately feel when the regular consumption of fish. A regular fish consumption will improve the function of your heart and the circulatory system. Thus you can withstand more easily also a greater physical burden.

fish healthy diet Seafood Recipes

The fish is still healthy, because it improves the metabolism in our body. It promotes also the functions of the nervous system. The regular fish consumption significantly reduces cancer risk.

You promote your immune system and the endocrine system through the regular fish consumption.

Fish has a good impact on our stomach intestine system

seafood cooking fish soup healthy diet

Delicious fish soup

fish dishes prepared fish soup healthy eating tips

Interesting facts about fish

The fish is rich in saturated fat and low in cholesterol. Share of this however differs widely in the various types. You would have to individually check the for any type.

The excessive consumption of some fish species can lead to the accumulation of too much lead and mercury. You should not eat so much salmon and mussels. This applies particularly to the fish, which were grown in artificial conditions.

Fish dishes are rich in saturated fat and low in cholesterol

fish dishes prepare healthy eating tips

The fish is much better by our organism and faster processing than meat. This is due to the smaller proportion of connective tissue. The fish protein has more collagen and less elastin. This facilitates digestion.

Fish faster processed than meat

healthy eating easy and healthy seafood


Seafood Recipes Shrimp healthy eating tips

The consumption of fish is much healthier in the winter. In this time of year we all suffer from vitamin D deficiency. During these cold months the fish consumption avoids that we exhausted, tired and bad-tempered feel all the time.

Are you convinced that fish is healthy now? Whatever the occasion you can prepare the next fish dish and how exactly?

Rich in vitamin D, also fish and seafood recipes healthy food

Shrimp with broccoli

Seafood Recipes Shrimp with broccoli healthy eating tips

Spaghetti with seafood

fish healthy seafood recipe

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