Healthy Eating For Beautiful Skin And Hair

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Healthy eating is related with beautiful skin and beautiful hair

In summer, we show much more of our body. Not the clothes, but skin and hair are our most beautiful accessories this season. We must protect them from the Sun and dryness. Doing all the cleaning products come to help.

Eating healthy and beautiful skin and hair have something common

healthy dinner smoothies drink beautiful skin hair

But they help little if we eat us not healthy. What must we do in the summer, to stay healthy and beautiful? We want to give you a comprehensive answer to this question in the next few lines.

Eat as much fresh as possible

Fresh fruit and vegetables is healthy throughout the year.

In the summer, you have however the possibility of organic vegetables and fruits to eat or at least regionally produced such. Because now is the season of the fresh products and now they are much healthier than to other seasons. Go with the rhythm of nature and eat fresh salads and other vegetable dishes. Instead of sweets rather to access to the fruit. May combine with nuts and honey.

Healthy eating is reflected well on our appearance

healthy skin hair summer fruits vegetables

Frequently eat nuts

healthy eating nuts eat almonds

Vegetable that is very healthy for the skin and hair


If you repeatedly add a little tomato salad or other great dishes take them as a side dish, you buy C and A sufficient vitamin.

Add the tomatoes in the salad recipe

healthy eating tomato summer beautiful skin hair


Avocados are never fresh for us. But these exotic fruits are particularly important for our health in the summer–they provide our bodies with moisture and a series of important minerals. Skin and hair look healthy and taut.

Avocado is a healthy exotic fruit

healthy eating avocado beautiful skin hair summer

Everything in green

Almost all green vegetables have their high season in summer. Eat salads, green beans, kale. Best to consume these vegetables in salads and combine with healthy satellite makers, such as lean meat, fish, quinoa, brown rice, chickpeas, etc. You thus free themselves from the harmful toxins to get plenty of vitamin C, A and B. Still, they provide your body with ballast fibers. With green vegetables to prepare not only salads, but also a number of great smoothies.

Prepare something delicious with green beans

healthy eating green beans eat skin hair

Prepare green salad

salads eat healthy summer skin hair


In all their colors, add peppers in your menu. Eat this, in the meantime, if you want to nibble something or small cut in a delicious salad with cheese. You thereby create a delicious and colorful menu and provide themselves with enough carotenoids. Scientists are of the opinion that these reduce the risk from heart disease.

Peppers in their variety of colours

eat peppers beautiful skin hair


Buy the fruits according to their maturity. So they are fresh and contain the most healthy ingredients. Try as far as possible of all, because each fruit variety has its own healthy properties, which are not found in others.

For beautiful skin and hair, we would recommend you to eat more water and honey melons. They hydrate your body and get rid of the toxins. In addition, they contain a number of healthy vitamins and minerals.

In summer, it is recommended to eat watermelon more often for beautiful skin and hair

eat watermelon eating beautiful skin beautiful hair

Lean meat

In the summer, you should eat only lean meat. These are all types of poultry. Lamb can be included for a change in the menu, but preferably as rare as it gets.

Regularly include fish in your menu

beautiful eat healthy beautiful skin hair fish eat

Fish and seafood are very important for this season. With these, you provide your skin and hair with the valuable amino acids. Such healthy eating is essential for your good looks.

Sugar-free alternative for the ice

Ice is a typical summer treat. You should refrain from not completely, but too often it may not eat also. Instead, look for sugar-free alternatives that have been made with honey and other healthy sweet products. Freshly squeezed juices and cold smoothies from your favorite fear might be just as healthy and tasty as anything else.

Smoothies are fresh, tasty and healthy summer drinks

healthy eating tips skin hair summer smoothies

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