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Amaranth bars organic flax seed packed

The amaranth and its use in everyday life

The Latin name of Amaranth is Amaranthus. It is a large genus of plants. Like many other names also this from ancient Greek comes. It is a plant that does not wither.

According to superstition, amaranth helps us to overcome heartbreak. Proven healing physical pain.

We know the plant under the name Fox-tail

amaranth plant flower

The story of the amaranth

The foxtail is healing, but also beautiful. For many centuries the Indians used this plant busy. It was the second most important agricultural crop after maize. You have organized annual festivals to celebrate their existence. This plant has been revered by certain Native American tribes as divine.

Then came the Spaniards and held the opposite view. You didn’t know the foxtail. The plant aroused suspicion among them. You have explained the amaranth for a work of the devil and banned its cultivation.

The healthy seeds resemble the seeds of millet

Amaranth bars bio healthy grains of white Ganzesbild

The small grains, but also a real bomb of protein are cute and easy

amaranth bio healthy grains

First, modern times have brought a real comeback for the foxtail. The plant spread throughout Europe and North America. The science rediscovered the great amaranth properties for the medicine and the gastronomy. In some countries, his research is promoted through special programmes.

Nowadays cultivated foxtail in Mexico, Peru, the United States, Nepal and India.

The Amaranthus family is quite large. There are several types which are wider than others used in the food and medicine.

In the vegan kitchen this is very important, among many other cereals

amaranth Burger

Suitable for the small appetite in between are the Amranth cracker

Amaranth bars bio healthy crackers

Roast pork with a crispy Getreidekrüste! Do you want a change in your kitchen!

amaranth meat Krueste


Amaranthuspaniculatus is an annual plant. She can be distinguished by the yellow reddish stems. They show various branches and reach up to one meter height. This type of Amaranth has elongated and ovoid, elliptical leaves. They are mostly arranged.

Different flowers grow out of the top layer of leaves.

The ripe fruit represents a kind of millet that cross is blooming. In bloom, you will find many brown-red seeds.

Amaranthuspaniculatus grow in our climate conditions during the hot summer months, primarily in July and August.

Cereal bars are a healthy snack

Amaranth bars bio healthy

Aromatic and delicious pastries can be combined well with the amaranth

amaranth Gepueffter amaranth chocolates


Also this is one-year plant. The stems grow up. Typically, Amaranthusretroflexus reached by one meter. It is mainly green, but various reddish nuances. Also in this type of the foxtail, we have to do it with alternate-arranged leaves.

One uses mainly fine-grained, it on millet seeds of garden – a Fox tail.

The beautiful plant Tausendschön cope also bears the name

amaranth flowers red orange

Except on protein, these grains are rich in vitamins and amino acids

amaranth Gepueffter chocolates

Content of the Fox tail

Choline, betaine and vitamin C were discovered in the amaranth-plant in scientific investigations. Some species contain even micro-elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, selenium, iron and small amounts of vitamin A, as well as proteins.

The seeds of this plant have a high nutritional value. They surpass the real grain crops on content of protein and lysine.

Amaranth plants contain too many fatty acids. They account for between 3 and 10% of the content of the plant. Three-fourths of the fatty acids are saturated. They contain pectin, fiber, iron and calcium, as well as other micro-elements.

In each garden plot, we can admire the foxtail

amaranth red more reddish plant

The importance of being on our health is increasingly

amaranth Cup love bio

The use of this type of grain is versatile

amaranth cake with Amarantth flakes

The Fox-tail does not contain gluten and this many alternative pasta can be prepared.

Amaranth care

The Fox tail grows wonderfully in fields and gardens. Useful for its development these are ample pouring, the fertile soil and plenty of sunlight. If these conditions are present, the plant easily reaches one metre height.

A pleasure for the eyes

amaranth flowers red orange foxtail

The benefits of small varieties.

The two already mentioned varieties are very popular because they grow up. There are some smaller species which are also not to discard. They have the advantage that they can be moved easier somewhere inside and maintained in the winter.

Harvesting and storage of foxtail

Mostly they are the stems of the Fox tail. More specifically, it picks the top. Everything is collected and packaged.

…und for the stomach

Amaranth bars bio healthy pomegranate Apple

Golden brown roasted we can eat

Amaranth bars bio healthy grains gold yellow white

Cranberries-amaranth bar will take you to swing with flax seeds and pumpkin seeds

Amaranth bars organic flax seed blocks

The beloved Tabbuleh salad tastes great with amaranth

amaranth Tabbuleh

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