Healthy Kochen-which Oil Goes With What Food

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Healthy cooking with the right oil

Healthy cooking can take many different forms. You have a lot of space for your own ideas and creations. However, there are certain basics in which everyone should know. Make sure we commit any material breach, while we are healthy cooking.

To be able to cook healthy, you should have some knowledge of oils

healthy cooking healthy fats close

Also the exact idea of what focus the different fats have belongs to basic knowledge. This is the main theme of this article.

Read what is written by us so that at the end you have the answer to the following questions:

Where is the focal point of the most important fats?

What fats are suitable for baking, roasting and which need to be edited is not thermal?

How should you store the different fats best?

Perhaps the best and most expensive oil for heat is intended

healthy cooking healthy fats close FRY

What is the focus?

The focal point is a certain temperature at which the fat begins to steam. When it comes to the fat and thus prepare meals are no longer healthy.

It happens suddenly or at once. Usually, the fat will become useless after prolonged firing.

Evaporation, frying or as a dressing, vermischen-choose the right oil

healthy cooking healthy fats close cook

Also the destruction of fat before blowing up can begin.

It’s good, good to know the temperature limit of the burning of fats and avoid to achieve.

The different fats and its focal point

Olive oil is rich in Mono-saturated acids. The color and even the focal point vary according to the olive variety, which has been used.

The incredible coconut oil

coconut healthy cooking healthy fats close

Extra virgin olive oil achieved its focal point at 160 ° C, Virgin – 216 ° c, and the extra light variant – 242 ° C.

What does that mean in practice? Extra virgin olive oil is suitable as a salad dressing. The other two variants can be used also for cooking.

If you want to have extra virgin olive oil in your food, then should just pour rather at the end, just before the consumption some drops of it.

Should be taken to the correct temperature and amount

healthy healthy fat Cook close olive focus

All kinds of olive oil are unsuitable for frying.

Olive oil fits perfectly with salads and dressings

healthy cooking healthy fats close rice oil

Avocado oil

Many people have not yet discovered the avocado oil and do not use it in your own kitchen. That’s really bad. Because you will find barely such a gentle taste and so a great scent. The focal point of the avocado oil is 271 ° c.

Avocado oil is suitable for thermal processing at a very high temperature. You can so Cook and FRY and give the usual dishes taste original.

Avocado oil is great as a salad dressing.

Season to taste with avocado oil mixed salads

healthy cooking healthy fats close avocado

Sesame oil

Sesame oil comes from the Asian kitchen. But it is now very popular with us. It indicated a specific scent. His focal point varies. He lies somewhere between 175 and 210 ° C into the frame.

The light sesame oil is suitable for frying at high temperatures and the darker – at lower. It can be used as a salad dressing.

The gentle taste of Sesamöls suitable for vegetarian dishes

healthy cooking healthy fats

Grape seed oil

The grape-seed oil has a fruity taste, its color is bright yellow and the focal point is located at 200 ° C.

With the grape oil, you can bake, FRY and it can serve as a salad dressing.

On special occasions, we used the valuable grape seed oil

grapes healthy cooking healthy fats closereisoel

Rice bran oil is made from the skins of the product. These will be removed and edited. It is rich in Mono-saturated acids.

The focal point of the rice oil is 254 ° c. The roast in a pan and use as a salad dressing are possible.

Raw vegetables with olive oil is a light and tasty meal

olives healthy cooking healthy fats close

Walnut oil

This oil is rich in Mono-saturated fats, has a yellow color and also very saturated taste and pleasant aroma.

The focal point is 204 ° C. It is suitable for frying in the Pan and as salad dressing.

You should deal with good oils carefully

walnuts healthy cooking healthy fats closeerdnussoel

Peanut oil is typical of the Asian cuisine and is also rich in Mono-saturated acids. The focal point is 232 ° C. It can be used for frying, baking and as a salad dressing.

nourishing and heat up

peanut healthy cooking healthy fats close

Vegan baking and cooking with coconut oil

healthy cooking healthy fats close coconut oil

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is rich in saturated. It is often used as a substitute of butter when baking. Often one takes it in cooking vegan food. Attention: Here the talk is of the unrefined version!

The focal point of the coconut oil is 177 ° c. It can be used for baking. Under no circumstances you should use it for frying and as a dressing.

The treasured clarified butter, also known as ghee

healthy cooking healthy fats close gheeButter

The traditional butter is rich in saturated. They reached their focal point at 177 ° C. Butter is also to use the roast on low temperature and baking.

With a mix of oils and aromas you can cope with exotic dressings

dressing healthy cooking healthy fats close

Use smaller quantities at a higher fat content

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Do you know the clarified butter ghee? That is very rich in saturated. The focus varies between 190 and 250 ° C. So can we FRY in mentioned temperature. The clarified butter ghee is also recommended when baking.

For a good shelf life, you should store the oils cool and dry

healthy cooking healthy fats close rice oil


No matter what oil you choose, all oils keep in principle correctly, so that their properties are well preserved. You have to be far away from radiators, radiate the heat. Keep your oils in a cool and dark place. So you can enjoy the good characteristics of each oil properly!

Herbs and spices make the good oils aromatic bread spreads

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