Healthy Lifestyle: Read More Books, Instead Of Watching TV

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Why does the healthy lifestyle read more books instead of much television look?

If you would figure out whether you spend more time at the book reading or watching television on what results would you?  General statistics indicate that most of us tend to the second.

Healthy lifestyle is trendy

healthy lifestyle book reading relaxation holiday

We want to read you on morality. It has but established, television is unhealthier than book reading. This fact is all the more by the fact reinforces that many of us spend hours before the PC and damaging it affects in the same way.

How much time do you spend watching TV?

healthy lifestyle book reading or watching TV family life

In addition to this, we would have some more arguments. Are you curious to know what kind are they?

Book stack

healthy lifestyle book reading books stacks

Earlier in this year, Japanese study found that television changed the structure of our brain. To do this, an experiment was conducted with children. Destroyed the front gray matter, was led to the reduction of the verbal skills.

Children like to watch TV, but is the a healthy habit

healthy lifestyle book reading instead of TV television

Numerous other studies have shown many positive aspects of reading. You watched the improved connection to the parts of the brain that are responsible for the verbal skills. According to this study, the people who read more, have a better memory.

Books for the summer holidays

healthy lifestyle book reading book list for summer

Enjoy incredibly fast

The University of Sussex in another study which shows that our pulse super quickly calmed when reading. While this is not related with the kind of literature that we read. The effect would be particularly super fast. You need to read in order to reduce your heart rate just 6 minutes.

Guests can relax with a book

healthy lifestyle book reading relaxation at home

According to Dr. Gregory Berns of the Emory University in the United States, are the books of fundamental importance for the education of children. In his opinion, reading ensures better reconfiguration of the brain, which lasts for at least a few days afterwards. This may be for a period of fundamental positive importance for the development of children.

Inspiring role models: Marilyn Monroe

healthy lifestyle book reading role models Marylin Monroe

Last, we want to recommend making an experiment. If we look always again only away, we may not be able to notice the difference for book reading. Just try it. Read more! You would feel relaxed and would notice yourself that your cognitive skills will improve. We hope you enjoy the book reading!

Children’s books with drawings for the little ones

healthy lifestyle for children's book read

So a healthy life begins…

healthy lifestyle children's book reading children's books

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