Healthy Sleep: What Sleeping Positions Are Appropriate And Which Are Not?

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Healthy sleep: the sleep position is important for good sleep

You’ve surely heard that’s healthy among the different sleeping positions and are unhealthy. But you need not to read, because we know from our own experience, that’s true. We automatically take a sleeping position (usually, the supine position), when we are relaxed and calm and feel warm and lifted. The different sleeping positions say something about our character and mental state. You evolve in line with the transformation of these.

Healthy sleep – sleep position select and enjoy a healthy night’s sleep

healthy sleep gesunder sleep health

But also the reverse rule can be declared valid: If you change your sleeping position, you can direct your health in a different direction.

Healthy sleep – the sleep position as a prerequisite for good sleep

healthy tips sleep prone

Hear more about this in the next few lines.

Sleeping position: supine position

The supine is the healthiest sleep position. It is absolutely mandatory for those who suffer from acute neck and back pain. Also in terms of appearance, this is the best sleeping position, because pressing your face against the pillow. You can sleep on your back, you must be well warmed up and really relaxed. The page location is an intermediate Variant that can be somewhat healthy. It means, that you are not quite relaxed, but at the same time she can also lead to good rest. It is important that you support your neck and neck with matching cushions. You need also this for your knee. Try it with some yoga and stretching exercises before sleep.

healthy sleep gesunder sleep which is the best position

healthy sleep tips health supine snore

Sleeping position: lateral position (fetal-position)

The page location is not the most optimal sleeping position, but the healthiest for people with back and shoulder problems. The problem, however, is that the face too much with the pillow in touch comes.

You sleep well at night, you have strength for the next day

healthy sleep the proper sleeping position select

The page location is just one of the possible sleeping positions

healthy sleep health sleep positions tips

The half-foetal position

The half-foetal position is very popular with many people. But actually it is the sleeping position of the stressed people. You makes it where not much better, because this sleep position you can breathe incorrectly and this leads to sleep problems.

healthy tips sleep half-fetal sleep position

Sleeping position: prone position

Sleeping on the belly, as well as the fetus position makes it virtually impossible to entsannen to. The prone position does not allow it to get rid of the stress and thus break up the skin.

What are the disadvantages of the prone position when sleeping?

healthy tips sleep prone health

To sleep out properly and have a nice day

healthy tips properly sleep supine sleep

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