Healthy Tea: About The Effect Of Tea On Our Organism

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teas tea drinking tea is healthy effect

The effect of tea on our body healthy

Did you know that according to certain statistics within a second of the world about 25 000 cups drink tea? Is that good or bad? Rather we would say the first! A proven fact is that tea is healthy. We must never allow this drink aside. Even on the hottest days, it ensures our wellbeing. In the winter, its healthy properties are even more pronounced. So however as well as possible benefit our organism, we must abide by some rules.

Drink tea – a healthy ritual

tea effect healthy Cup teapot

Is Chinese tea healthy?

green tea is tea healthy

Rules for the preparation of tea

The following description is actually about how you prepare your tea. Take a finished tea bag or Cook yourself the herbs? Some teas require special preparation. Usually, you will be notified in detail also in the business. Otherwise, you need 2 TBSP dry herbs for approximately 250 ml of water. You can cook the tea, then about 15 minutes to soak and then you can sift through him. After the tea is slightly cooler, he could be sweetened with honey.

Tea making facilities

health tips healthy is green tea

Specialists advise that they should use any metal containers for this. Ceramic or porcelain would be much better.

You should drink the tea definitely not too hot. That damage the lining of the stomach and throat.

Some popular types of tea and its healthy effect

prepare healthy fruit tea is tea

Chamomile tea and its healthy properties

In Tibetan medicine believed to be a miracle cure, which keeps us longer young the chamomile tea. Monks drank it at bedtime and also early in the morning. To this tea, you should access to, if you are stressed and annoyed. It also contains glycosides. They stimulate the appetite. They are particularly useful for many problems with the stomach intestine system. Chamomile tea is so healthy and so easy! Benefit from its features.

Effect of healthy Chamomile tea

prepare healthy Chamomile tea is tea

Green tea – the world champion among all types of tea

Tea is a source of health and even more health founder. More and more research to prove that it is one of the most powerful antioxidants. You need green tea in winter especially, if you want to promote your own immune system.

Green tea – source of health

tea is healthy mint tea drinking effect

It is important that you drink with a slice of the green tea lemon. We should allow for 8-10 minutes pull him. To detach a maximum amount of polyphenols. They are about 100 times more effective than vitamin C in the fight against the toxins. We increase the acidity of tea with lemon. This improves the chances of the good absorption of polyphenols in the organism.

Healthy Grünee with lemon

is tea drinking healthy green tea

Prepare Matcha tea

is Matcha tea health tea

Matcha tee drink

Matcha tea healthy drink soy milk

Black tea – a better solution than coffee

The caffeine is here much less than in the coffee. It is sufficient already to cheer us. A big advantage is the fact, that your teeth will not discolor. Black tea is healthy, because the cortisol level is reduced. This is the stress hormone, we all have known to be in too large quantities in our organism. In addition, your bones are much healthier. You achieve this thanks to the large amount of fluorine in tea. Thus, you balance the hormone levels.

Black tea is healthier and more effective than coffee?

Tea is healthy coffee or black tea drink

Black tea

tea is tea instead of coffee drinking healthy black

A healthy drink you can consume each day

tea is tea healthy black effect

Ginger – a modern choice

Ginger tea is a relatively new discovery of tea connoisseurs in the West. Its healthy properties make sure that this sure longer not will change it. Ginger helps women in the fight against the excess kilograms. In men, the power is increased. Ginger tea carries away toxins from your organism. You normalize blood pressure and fight very well some inflammation.

Ginger tea – health from nature

of tea cinnamon healthy ginger tea with honey lemon

tea is healthy Kamilentee ginger tea


The Roiboos plant came to US from South Africa. Its leaves have a nail shape. The taste is very strong and natural. This is only one of the smallest benefits. Roiboos has a strong effect on the abduction of toxins from the body.

The healthy effect of the Pu Erh tea

red tea drinking Pu Erh tea effect

With Rooibos, you control the blood sugar level, which protects from heart problems. With a Roiboostee calm your nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract. He will load with energy and you fight viruses and bacteria faster.


tea is healthy teas with cinnamon

Tea with vitamin C – rose hips, Apple and blackcurrant tea

Now follows a tea, which is very healthy for the winter. If you want to supply with very rich in vitamin C, you combine Rosehips, apples and currants. Since these fruits in a dried State are very tight, we recommend a longer preparation. The tea looks very dark and the Apple Berry endows it with a gentle aroma.

Homemade rosehip tea

tea is healthy homemade rosehip tea

Finally some recommendations for tea

Here are some more recommendations for tea:

We should drink the tea at least 20-30 minutes before going to bed;
Drink the tea before eating: he could dilute the enzymes and acids, so we digest the food not so good or tasteless there before us.
Drink no drugs with tea: some ingredients affect their effect;
Definitely not, drink old tea; It contains many harmful toxins for your organism.

Chamomile tea

tea is healthy drinking Chamomile tea effect

Other types of tea have a healthy impact

healthy tea drinking teas

Is tea effect green tea healthy teas

teas tea drinking healthy tipsblack tea is tea healthy Indian #-black tea healthy Indian teais tea Turkish tea drink healthy teasred tea drink in Asia Pu Erh tea effectblack tea with sugar drink healthy tea

tea drink healthy teas

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