Healthy Tea – The Healthiest Teas Of The World

Posted on May 03, 2016

Healthy tea–which tea is it worth to try themselves?

The pharmaceutical industry is important for the mankind and their recovery and general development. However, she is also guilty of some with. She launched so many chemical and artificial products that we slowly forget the traditional, healthy substances.

Healthy tea – tea drink and stay healthy

tea healthy tea cold combat

The pharmaceutical industry provides for quick removal of many symptoms and promotes the products very actively and almost aggressively. So is the old truth that healthy food and medicinal herbs have a slower, but sustainable healing effect in the background.

Healthy tea – choose healthy food and healthy beverages

is tea health healthy lifestyle

If you regularly eat healthy food and medicinal plants, you will need also hardly chemical products of the pharmaceutical industry. Do you know for example more precisely which are the healthiest teas?  You can drink this everyday Yes. To use some of these teas as herbs and spices.

Birch tea

You can make tea from soft Birch leaves. This is highly recommended for kidney disorders. The Birch tea detoxifies the body, has strong diuretic and promotes the metabolism. Thus, you can counteract also many skin diseases and infections. Also Birch SAP is extracted in the spring between March and early may, has very beneficial properties.

Prepare healthy tea made from birch leaves

tea healthy Birch Birch leaves healthy eating

Birch tea drink

tea healthy Birch tea prepare healthy eating herbs

Nettle tea

The nettle tea is not very healthy, he is known as a great pick-me-up. This tea is used as a remedy and prevention of anemia and heavy bleeding. Many stomach intestinal problems can also positively influence through this common tea. The tea helps with chronic bronchitis. The nettle tea can help much with kidney problems.

Nettle tea helps against a range of health problems

tea healthy stinging nettle tea prepare healthy nutrition

Sage tea

All painful and unpleasant conditions associated with the stomach-intestinal system, can relieve themselves by regular consumption of Sage tea. You can support so that the therapy and the healing processes of the liver and gall bladder and have a positive influence. You can drink Sage tea for colds also.

Sage tea is reflected well on the stomach-intestinal system

tea healthy Sage tea health

Fighting the common cold using the Sage tea

tea preparing tea drink for a cold

Melissa tea

If you are under permanent stress, tea from Melissa leaves is exactly right for you. This tea is very healthy, it contains many essential oils and is strongly recommended to calm. He can relieve irritation. Natural healers and doctors recommend daily consumption by Melissa tea (2-3 cups per day) for at least 6 weeks.

Melissa tea for calming

prepare tea lemon balm tea nutrition

Hops tea

This is the healthiest tea from crushed hop cones. Hops tea has an analgesic effect and you can eliminate so many infections. You promote to your digestion and appetite. Also, the hops tea is very calming, if you are under stress. The healthy hops tea also helps you sleep disorders and can bring back your good night’s sleep.

Hops tea has a varied health effect on the organism

tea to make tea drink healthy hops tea

Enjoy a healthy night’s sleep

tea healthy effect tea nutrition

During stress, it recommends hops tea

tea preparing tea stress properties eliminate healthy diet

Mistletoe tea

A further, very healthy herbal tea is the mistletoe tea. When regular mistletoe tea consumption can lower your high blood pressure. Since ancient times, this tea is used against epilepsy and hysteria.

To fight epilepsy and hysteria since ancient times by mistletoe tea

tea prepare mistletoe tea healthy nutrition

We could this article not present all main herbal teas. For this reason, we would like to continue in a second article. Stick with it, the sequel is coming!

Drink herbal tea

tea is healthy healthy diet healthy drinks

Enjoy healthy teas

tea healthy stinging nettle tea effect

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