Heidi Klum – A Happy Divorced Woman Over 40

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Heidi Klum private and professional photos

A super happy divorcee with 40

She 41, is divorced and has four children. It is super happy. These are all reasons why Heidi Klum can be recognized as a role model for many modern ladies. It looks just great and radiates joy of life and harmony.

Heidi Klum is always positive energy

Heidi Klum seal happily divorced

Confident and successful

Heidi Klum top model and top Mama

You likes to show her body

Heidi Klum very likes to show her tight body and provokes it. It’s also arguably her greatest asset. Recently released new recordings by Heidi. They were made by your friend Martin Kristen. She has posted it but personally in Twitter. Both come together about six months after their separation from seal.

Backstage of Germany next top model

Heidi Klum backstage Germanys next top model

The breakers

The scandalous divisions and the drama around them make to a large extent the image of Heidi Klum out. Flavio Briatore is the father of one of your children. But he leaves her still while she is pregnant. Seal meets before the birth of the child, and decided that this was the woman of his life. in 2005 he marries Klum in Mexico Heidi. They have renewed their vows every year and have three children. But perhaps that had everything a reason: maybe both felt himself but not quite secure in the stability of their marriage and wanted to hide it… They were divorced after a few years. It all ended quickly and unexpectedly. The exact reasons are still unknown.

Heidi and seal before the separation

Heidi Klum seal still in love photo

From a few reports but suggests that seal rather spent his time with friends in bars and discos as with Heidi Klum.

The dream has burst yet

Heidi Klum and seal as a couple

It’s like a movie

…und like a movie has quickly found love in an unexpected place them after the separation. She’s now with their bodyguard, Martin. They are together more than a year. However, the model tells that she would marry averse again. Because she has still a broken marriage behind him – so in addition to the disappointment with seal and Briatore this with the stylists and designers Ric Pipino.

Ric Pipino was the first husband of Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum and Ric Pipino

Then was short with Flavio Briatore together Heidi

Heidi Klum and Flavio Briatore

The wedding dress

As Heidi Klum your own communicated has, she was only 23, as it was their first marriage to end. She dreamt of a wedding and a white dress. But a third time it would be too much. She feels so happy and satisfied. You can see clearly that her. You find also?

Heidi with her two daughters and friend Martin Kristen

Heidi Klum and new boyfriend Martin Kristen

The Super MOM with four children on the move

Heidi Klum with your four children

Heidi and daughter Lina have fun by the sea

Heidi Klum privately with daughter

Their son Johan

Heidi Klum and son Johan

Heidi Klum promoting wix.com

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