Heidi Klum’s Villa In California – A Wonderful Luxury Holiday Home

Where lives Heidi Klum Villa celebrity homes

Heidi Klum’s Villa: a your own corner of paradise!

When the supermodels and stars, it is sometimes so that they occasionally change like a new fashion collection to a new House. A bit less frequently this happens. But after all, it happens more frequently, as in the “normal death ends”. So we want the last House we now by Heidi Klum look at.

The Villa by Heidi Klum in California

Heidi Klum's House California bird's eye view

Because it always ensures you a new message and draw attention to themselves. It seems that many people wonder where Heidi Klum lives are interested in. Experts and celebrities know that by now: you can make a great message.

The top model Heidi Klum before their luxury House

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The House in LA has a somewhat difficult history. It was built by an investment banker. Later, he goes bankrupt and has been forced to sell the House. In the vicinity of Heid Klum’s current Villa, there are a number of celebrities.

The always smiling Heidi

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The establishment of Heidi Klum’s House

Heidi Klum’s House has seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. The parents room can be more than a mini apartment. It consists of a living room, two bathrooms, as well as women’s and Mr wardrobe. The built-in Scottish fireplace and the large dining room are remarkable from a designers perspective. The room, which is intended mostly for dinner, is completely covered with wood panels. They were delivered on special order from Paris.

We take a look at the Heidi’s House

where lives Heidi Klum Villa living room furniture

Classic wooden kitchen with marble worktop

where lives Heidi Klum Villa kitchen wooden country style

Elegant dining room with exit to the garden

where lives Heidi Klum villa dining room set up real wood furniture

Leather sofas and rattan furniture in the living room

where lives Heidi Klum Villa living room of Eintichtungstipps

Ingenious Setup

The library deserves special attention in the Heidi Klum’s Villa. Very rare books found here. You can also discover box a booksellers which was already in the possession of the Napoléon.

The library is furnished in colonial style

where lives Heidi Klum Villa library

Rare paintings and sculptures with a museum value have been issued there also. But above all, the arrangement which feels residing and loose in spite of the high claim of these items is awesome. The high ceilings and large Windows serve that much light penetrates and the rooms bright and thus also super cozy appear real.

Inviting entrance

where lives Heidi Klum Villa entrance and staircase

Works of art hanging on the wall in the hallway

where lives Heidi Klum Villa hallway wall decoration

The work room is located right next to the dining room

where lives Heidi Klum Villa study Office

Home Theater

where lives Heidi Klum Villa Home Theater TV wall

The spacious bedrooms of Heidi

where lives Heidi Klum Villa bedroom

The secrets of the garden

The garden is fabulous and mysterious of Heidi Klum’s Villa. The garage and the Avenue to the parking is located in front of the House. If you here want to walk, you would find a rose garden, Lake and other avenues. Conversions and new construction, you noticed the interests of not only the parents, but also their children. That’s why a children’s playground, golf and swimming pool can be found here. Vines wrap around the ancient pillars and other elements of the upcoming antique architecture.

Real garden art

where lives Heidi Klum Villa courtyard garden design hedge green life

Garden design ideas with hedge and Creepers

where lives Heidi Klum Villa living gardening hedge

Outdoor area equipped with lounge furniture and a garden swimming pool

where lives Heidi Klum Villa outdoor garden pool

Romantic atmosphere at the pool at sunset

where lives Heidi Klum Villa garden pool lounge furniture

Sustainable terrace design ideas with climbing plants

where lives Heidi Klum Villa climbing plants green ideas

Sitting Heidi here very often in their own words. She enjoys the peace and opportunity to look at the ocean. Perhaps this is also the reason why she has waited so long after the divorce before she turned the House for sale. But now it has come. Anyone can have it for $25 million.

She looks like Heidi Klum’s Villa in California from bird’s eye view

where lives Heidi Klum Villa bird's-eye view

Heidi Klum shopping

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