Heilerde-healthy, Naturally And Inexpensively

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Learn more about the healing Earth

Have you ever wondered who’s fault it that natural cures and cosmetics are not even more popular? It’s the pharmaceutical industry, or must we blame ourselves? Most of the time, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Certainly, the industry has made a significant contribution for this, that we us far too much in the artificial, as versed in natural remedies. The expensive marketing strategies they sell us all the time and say nothing about the alternatives.

The healing powder is a pure natural product

Healing earth good skin

At the same time, you can find much information about the natural remedies. Only this must look for more, buy a specific literature and for taking the time to acquire the necessary knowledge. Yes, the industry makes it not easier us with the use of the alternatives. Probably it’s because that natural products are cheaper. Many pharmaceutical manufacturers to reduce their own profits. But we have the opportunity to learn yet everything you need yourself.

The incredibly beautiful Queen Cleopatra knew the treasures of nature

clay of Cleopatra's secret

So leave the justifications aside and read our brief introduction about the healing Earth and their matching properties.

The valuable and healing Earth purifies both internally and externally

clay massage skin and hair cleansing

Where can I find clay?

It draws the clay from varied places, are located in the vicinity of water sources. It is characterized by its impermeability to water, micro-organisms, bacteria and other causes of diseases. The clay is used as a kind of filter so in cosmetics and in many other areas.

This natural remedy is a real gift for facial skin

Clay skin and hair cleansing

The clay itself is always sterile and clean. That also makes them a product that they easily packed, sold and kept at home.

The behavior of some animals was one of the first clues about the healing properties of this natural product. Many animals eat them immediately after they have consumed some plants with toxic substances.

Mixed with water or olive oil, the product can effectively soothe skin irritants

clay massage skin and hair cream

A good remedy for stretch marks and cellulite

medicinal Earth massage skin and hair pregnancy

A very healthy content

The clay contains many mineral salts and microelements. These are E.g. silicon, phosphate, iron, nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Abstain in the clay in a form which is easily assimilated by the organism.

The healing Earth has positive charge. It is composed with the negative charge of the toxins in conjunction. Thus, it is able to pull it out. The healing Earth provides this property for which supplies the skin with more oxygen.

General cleansing and soothing properties

medicinal Earth massage skin and hair healthy for commercial

There are even people who use clay instead of shampoo

clay massage skin and hair mask

Health benefits

Some of you understand already from the just said, what brings the clay for health benefits. If you can not directly establish the connection between the useful substances and the therapeutic effect, then here are some instructions are.

Our planet is rich in Heilerde-areas

medicinal Earth massage skin and hair origins

Depending on the area, there are different categories of clay

clay massage skin and hair origins spoon

The Green Clay can be drunk for prophylaxis

clay drinking slimming effect

The clay will help with:

almost all types of gastrointestinal disorders

Skin diseases and eczema


chronic infections

Poisoning with metals



in bile, liver and blood disorders

You can buy medicinal or clay in any drugstore or in the health food store

clay dry Earth

For the skin and body, there is nothing better than nature

Clay skin care

The healing Earth continues to promote our organism, by them:

our body supplied with vitamins and minerals

detoxifies these

promotes natural healing processes

The healing Earth purifies and enriches the skin structure

medicinal Earth massage skin and hair healthy for the

A universal remedy for the internal and external complaints

clay powder Green

Different types of use

The use of clay is possible in various ways. Always consult your doctor or estheticians, which would be the best for you.

Extraction of clay

clay area

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