Hobbiton New Zealand-reality And Film Set

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Hobbiton New Zealand title

Hobbiton New Zealand-home of the little hobbits

Hobbit, the film was shot almost entirely in New Zealand. Where nature offers the ideal conditions. In New Zealand, also the Special City was built, which should serve as the home town of the main characters of the film.

After the film was finished, someone on the idea to keep this town as a tourist attraction came.  That was clearly a brilliant idea.

Who had not the desire felt Hobbit BB´s world and to be a part of it?

Hobbiton New Zealand prospect

The shooting of the film “The Hobbit” have forever changed the fate of the local inhabitants

Hobbiton New Zealand colourful

How has the “Hobbit” film impacted the tourism industry in New Zealand?

After the film Hobbit one noted an increased tourist interest in travel to New Zealand. In doing so, many people often visit this town and visit with great interest. You remain always fascinated and gets around on her fame.

The ride makes still fabulous and special city to the Hobbit all travel.

Tourism is going well and on food and drink is also thought

Hobbiton New Zealand dining table

The Idyll to the mound of around the Hobbits is perfect

Hobbiton New Zealand fire

The film scenes simply remained standing after the shooting

Hobbiton New Zealand Idyllconstruction

Construction started logically some time before the Hobbit film itself. He started in March 1999 and continued over the next three months. 2011 it was rebuilt there, to meet the demands of the newer series.

Real fans can dive deep into the world of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins

Hobbiton New Zealand of blue sky

Now there are guided tours through the village and the “Hobbit” beer

Hobbiton New Zealand cross

What can you see here?

Here, you can experience city with all great film the Hobbit. There are bridges, gardens, the mill, the holes of the little hobbits, etc. Were used mainly wood and polystyrene for construction.

You can all the sights you know from history before place bewunden

Hobbiton New Zealand village

All Hobbit BB´s apartments are preserved

Hobbiton New Zealand Matamata

Have some fun in the evening

Hobbiton New Zealand tourism

Matamata before the Hobbit Movie

However, what constituted the town of Matamata before the “Hobbit” movie? It was and is still a place with few inhabitants who are mostly engaged in agriculture. The city is located in the heart of the Waikato, which Kaimai range is nestled in the mountains.

Family Alexanders plot moved on this 1978 into the year. Since then, a traditional sheep and cattle farm is operated here. This activity continues to this day. It is operated by the brothers and their father.

On the property one takes care of approximately 13000 sheep and 300 Angus cattle. Income obtained mostly from beef, lamb and wool.

Visit the real fiction of the hobbits and experience a unique atmosphere

Hobbiton New Zealand Privacy

The famous water-mill and the bridge also enjoy approximately 250000 visitors per year

Hobbiton New Zealand Middle Earth

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