Home Furnishing Ideas For Better Indoor Air

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With this furniture you can enjoy longer better air ideas at home

Each home furnishings changes constantly their functionality, because our needs are something different every day. One of the biggest challenges for all people is nowadays the deterioration of air quality worldwide. Today we offer some interior decoration ideas which change the quality of the ambient air and even improve.

The walls can protect us not afraid and so we can’t isolate us away. The only thing calms us down, is that our body has the ability to develop some resistance. We also have other ways to protect us from external toxic influences.

The following are some of the health care budget and decorating tips.

Possible ideas and good habits home furnishings make the good air

Interior ideas kitchen homeoffice food window carpet cigarette

Good ventilation system is a must

The good ventilation reduces the mold at home, because he represents a big problem for the deterioration of the air quality at home. The making of Windows is often not an option, because this still dreckigere air penetrates into the apartment.

That’s why you should have a good ventilation system at home

The kitchen makes it a favourite place to stay a good hood

Interior ideas kitchen

Candles from beeswax

If you like scented candles here and distribute it in your rooms, then choose the best ones from bee salmon. They have a very natural aroma and only a few people are allergic against it. The bee products have can clean many healthy benefits and they including the air. In addition, they are also a practical addition to your interior decoration.

You must often share the Beeswax candles and have to do it with a very money-saving product.

Indoor plants improve the air noticeably

home furnishings ideas food homeoffice food window fresh air

Natural flavors to create pleasant atmosphere and have a positive influence on the mood

Interior ideas kitchen homeoffice flower

Salt crystal lamps

The salt crystals have the ability to absorb the humidity and the toxins and harmful substances contained therein. At the same time they act as beautiful decoration in the room. Salt lamp at night can to leave. The soft, orange candle light of the salt crystal lamps has a soothing effect on people who suffer from sleep disorders.

By the way, the salt lamps clean the air even if they are out, albeit with a smaller efficiency than usual.

2 times a day leave

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Activated carbon

The activated carbon is a fantastic medium for the air purifying. It has no smell, what many house owners as an advantage. The bamboo charcoal is particularly effective.

House plants

Forget not the most traditional decoration, which contributes to the air cleaning – house plants. Virtually all species have this beneficial effect and they can provide a pleasant atmosphere thanks to their fragrance.

The drying of the bath protects against mould

home furnishings ideas wet mold

Essence oils

Like to experiment with flavor, so have also the possibility to create a healthier environment at home. Cinnamon, oregano, Rosemary, thyme, clove and tea wood are the natural miracles in terms of Nice-smelling home. The use of such in the winter makes the House very comfortable and prevent thus the spread of fungi and bacteria.

Electronic devices attract dust

Interior ideas kitchen homeoffice

A few quick tips to take

Carpet cleaning

Make clean and quite often the carpet especially those located close to the entrance. By periodically clean them, you are at home much reduce the risk from diseases.

Clean the grilles of ventilation systems

Interior ideas kitchen homeoffice flower

Wipe dust

Remove the excess moisture, dust, and use as few chemicals as possible. Waive the broad use of color, toxic cleaning products, and synthetic fabrics. Never wipe the dust off with a dry cloth. Either use a slightly damp cloth and wear the best also a mask on the mouth.

Inhaling the fumes of the salt crystals should be good

Interior ideas kitchen homeoffice kitchen window carpet beeswax smoking do not

The clean air is a more valuable commodity, so you do not even dirty, this by you and your guests to smoke inside.

Are looking for healthy alternatives for all polluting

Plastic, plaster and detergents now have cleaner and healthier alternatives on the market. Access to these – are often even more affordable. Can you mix up some things from the usual items on the grocery shelf.

The smells are more intense, if you don’t care for regular cleaning

Interior ideas kitchen food initiatives

Take off your shoes at the entrance

Taking off shoes before entering the House is also very important for your health. Otherwise dirt and dust to enter inside, the bacteria will spread and make you and your family sick.

Not too often open the window in the big city

There were times where it was healthy to open window time. This reality is there is still in the country and if you live in a remote place surrounded by nature. In the city, the air is dirty and if possible, you should restrict access of this home. Use good ventilation and open the Windows as little as possible.

Bathroom and kitchen should be clean and dry

interior decoration ideas

The bedding should be regularly aired and replaced

Interior ideas kitchen homeoffice kitchen window carpet bedding

Dry as possible everything off outside

Carpets and other items that are washed with harmful chemicals, dry as possible out there. Otherwise, spread the harmful elements through the air and can damage your health.

Be aware of the limits of the air cleaner

Collect too many items

Interior ideas kitchen homeoffice food window carpet

If you don’t mind the cleanliness of the House, you can live healthy not only with air purifiers. These have a limited effective and can not remove larger dirt.

To clean the air conditioner

Clean the air conditioner at home regularly, because once the filter is excessively dirty, blows everything in the air back.

Muck out often enough excess

home furnishings ideas food homeoffice food window clean carpet

Upholstery should be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner

Interior ideas kitchen homeoffice kitchen window carpet cleaning

Remove dog hair with a damp cloth and vigorous hand movements

Interior ideas kitchen homeoffice food window carpet sofa

Interior ideas kitchen homeoffice food window

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