Horoscope Taurus: Year Horoscope 2016 For The Taurus Zodiac Sign

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2016 year horoscope horoscope Taurus zodiac sign

Horoscope Taurus: So are the stars for you

Everything on a very important acquaintance points in the horoscope of the Star Sign Taurus. These people probably meet someone who enchants her with his philosophy of life. The bull could fall in love and also through the new philosophy of life change. He is open and inwardly free.

Annual horoscope 2016

2016 year horoscope horoscope Taurus

Unfortunately, this new acquaintance in some people cause problems in the family. You feel there for a period of time not more so recovered as before. This may prove in the long run as a problem.

Taurus zodiac sign

2016 year horoscope horoscope Taurus Zodiac symbol


According to the chart, the bull on the importance of family will attach great importance in his life. For this reason, the Taurus man somewhat more difficult concentrate on their work. Especially those who work at big companies get in trouble. You do not deal with the responsibility. One is accustomed to it that bulls take always the whole burden. Even the best motivated rejection is assumed to be a kind of sabotage.

Solve problems and difficulties in the workplace

2016 year horoscope horoscope Taurus job problems in the workplace

Many people in the zodiac sign of Taurus so threatens a termination. For most, then follows a better start. According to the chart, many of those affected have the chance to find a better job afterwards.

A new beginning for many bulls

2016 year horoscope horoscope Taurus job finding

Financial condition2016 year horoscope horoscope Taurus money


The finances are, like the career also connected with many changes and attacks. Jupiter is the planet which leads to these difficulties in the horoscope of Taurus. Many are in danger, to invest their money in an absolutely lost project. You should go prefer to play it safe. The bull would have to invest in real estate or something safer. The risk of bad investments and money loss is especially great between April and August.

Take a chance!

horoscope Taurus year horoscope 2016 financial condition

Bless you

According to the chart, there are people in the Star Sign Taurus this year full of energy. This is particularly important with regard to the major challenges ahead. Due to their good health and strength, the bulls make it to use anything to their advantage.

After all, there are some weak points, on which the bull according to of the horoscope should make particularly well. The nervous system and the heart are particularly sensitive because of the emotional stress. That’s why are exercise and balanced diet of fundamental importance.

Strengthen your heart through sport and healthy living

2016 year horoscope health horoscope Taurus

The better nutrition will bring the stomach intestine system in a better State.

2016, the Bull will understand how important is mental health. To master all tasks standing before him, he will need to purge simply emotional dependencies.

A healthy diet is of great importance for the bulls

2016 year horoscope horoscope Taurus healthy diet Taurus zodiac sign

The horoscope for Taurus man

What is special about the men in the zodiac sign of Taurus is that they are very successful in their romantic relationships. They show focused on the personal, whose charm and care for women. That’s why, you fall into the hands of a real Queen. It provides the necessary support the bull-man, so that he can solve its own problems.

Great love on the horizon

2016 year horoscope horoscope Taurus man love

The horoscope of Taurus women

The Taurus woman is usually somewhat restrained. Sometimes even shy. But at a certain age completely transformed these ladies show their inner strength. The horoscope of of women in the Taurus zodiac sign indicates that next year for such changes is very good.

The Taurus woman is taking a daring step

2016 year horoscope horoscope Taurus woman zodiac sign

The conversion will have an inner emotional character in some women. However, others will experience big changes on the material level. You could travel a lot or go even his own residence and move to another country.

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