House Boat – Beautiful Feeling, Anywhere In Your Home To Be

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HH low draught House boat

House boat and the prestige housing today

Would you know that there are people who live on a boat? No, these are no pirates or mariners, but ordinary people such as you or I, who need to work and get up in the morning.

Cities. which are built on a single channel, offered a perfect opportunity to find this alternative living auszuprobieren-especially in our time, where the rents are very high, or you in the evening one hour to drive drive through the neighbourhood, around a parking lot.

There are more than 2500 houseboats in Amsterdam

houseboat Amsterdam Canal

In a House on the water, you have all the qualities of life that offers a flat

inside House boat Amsterdam

In the morning before work sipping their coffee on the terrace

houseboat Amsterdam indoor terrace

You have plenty of room for guests, and can change the views, where you go somewhere else

inside House boat Amsterdam housing

A life on water

Countries like Holland are always a piece ahead. When it comes to houseboats, the Dutch make no exception. Even a record with around 2500 houseboats where people reside firmly holding Amsterdam. Or these houseboats are rented by tourists for a while.

A houseboat offers anything that has even a normal apartment available: living room, bedroom, toilet, bathroom and often even a small terrace. The only difference is that the owner of waterfront living and look at how other boats pass. Sometimes they enjoy even a canal cruise.

In France and in Holland the practice with the houseboats is already popular for very long time

California houseboat

French are also known, that they love beauty and freedom above all

House boat France

Advantages and disadvantages

Most of the problems you will hear will come from people who have never lived on a houseboat. But ask a House boat residents and he will tell you the main problem and that you would be – in an apartment could never find happiness.

A well built boat is like a well built House. It is dry and warm on the inside. If the floor is cold, the same laws as in the apartment are you a good insulation and insulation.

Outside Europe we’ve found cosy houseboats in Kerala India

House boats Kerala India

Here you need not worry to make temperatures

House boats Kerala inside

It may be hot in the summer, colder in the winter.  Don’t forget, that located the boat in the water and is not blessed by wind.

The houseboats are not cheaper than an apartment, right, but you will never have to meet your neighbors in the stairwell, you will never hear the flush in the toilet and you live rurally in a big city.

When in Germany, then to Lake Müritz. There, the House boat is paradise

House boat Müritz

In Dubai is much of House boats and luxury living on the water

House boat Dubai

Houseboats can be also infinitely beautiful and expensive

futuristic boat

There are houseboats, whose running is based on renewable energy

House modern design

In any case, there are enough reasons to prefer life on the water

House boat New York

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