How Healthy Are Chestnut Actually?

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chestnut prepare recipes healthy eating

The chestnut and its healthy effect

In the summer, we have much time. Everything is very spontaneous and needs no too much planning. In the winter, the opposite is observed. So why use not the warm days to collect some new recipes and ideas for food? We like to help you in this regard. Some we also today. More specifically, we remind you of the chestnut and its healthy effect.

Prepare sweet chestnuts

chestnut roasting and peeling healthy eating recipes

You are a wonderful and delicious food for the cooler seasons. Her healthy character makes them all the more commendable.

Mankind enjoys chestnuts for a very long time

chestnuts preparing healthy food ideas

Did you know that according to researchers the people eat with sweet chestnuts for many long years? This relates to the main food source for many regions in Europe. On our continent it has feeds, again according to historical research, with chestnuts from Greece. From there, they were spread area in the whole of the Mediterranean and Central European.

Chestnuts are roasted on the road and sold

chestnuts cooking on the road of healthy eating

For gourmet…

chestnuts preparing healthy food recipes

Since chestnuts have a high nutritional value, even flour was prepared in the history of this. To get this, it has dried first. To prepare bread and different kinds of candy, it has mixed like the chestnut flour with other types of flour. The results were delicious. Currently, these recipes can be well enjoy, even if they are rarely prepared various reasons.

Chestnut flour

chestnut flour prepare healthy food recipes

Even animals could and it can feed up so very well today.  In earlier times, such as in the middle ages this was very important to the people. With the increase in the popularity of the bio such types of forage for the animals gaining diet more and more.

Roast chestnut

Marone prepare and eat healthy recipes

They are in terms of the content and the health effects of chestnut, the different grades quite similar. However, they have different taste characteristics. So, try different varieties, until you find out what you like best.

The different chestnut varieties

chestnut roasting prepare healthy food recipes

Here is the healthy content at a glance. All types of chestnuts contain approximately  49.8% water, approximately 42.8% carbohydrates, 2.9% protein, 1.9% fat and 1.4% cellulose. Importantly, we find it more closely to determine the types of carbohydrates. We have 16% starch, dextrin and 4% sugar 7% do. Also included are various valuable acids. We have here with apples, milk and citric acid to do. The amount of lecithin is essential and therefore worth mentioning.

Rich in mineral salts

chestnut roasting healthy eating recipes

Chestnuts are very much appreciated also due to the mineral salts contained in it, by health experts. It’s specifically potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and iron. Just these salty substances make rather unpalatable but the chestnuts in a rough State. Namely, they have an uncomfortable taste. If they are baked, they are slightly sweet. Thus arises the so familiar to us in the autumn and popular delicacy.

Prepare sweet chestnuts in the oven

chestnut prepare healthy eating autumn recipes

Modern recipes with sweet chestnuts

We have said so much about how you had eaten chestnuts in the past. But what great modern recipe are there today? Various meats can be filled with chestnut or powder from it. It’s about chicken or other meat of back.

Tasty cream soup

chestnut recipes with chestnut flour prepare healthy food

Cakes and other sweets are also being prepared. You get a very pleasant, healthy taste.

To prepare also filled of yummy chocolates so.

A certain type of bread is made from chestnuts. This is highly recommended for the healthy diet diet.

Healthy diet

chestnut In the Backoffen prepare healthy food recipes

A famous and popular delicacy

chestnut flour prepare healthy food

Enjoy delicious chestnut

chestnut In the Backoffen prepare healthy food

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