How Healthy Is Actually The “Healthy Life”?

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Can we live without fruits and vegetables, healthy?

The variety in our menu is connected not only with the wide selection of products. It is to a large extent on the way of preparation. One and the same product can be boiled, fried, baked or grilled. And these are only the traditional methods of preparation.

Furthermore, the spices will determine the taste of food. Depending on how you apply it, you achieve always a different flavor.

With fruit bowls and Pablo better and healthy living

live healthy vegetable grilling garlic orange peach

In many cases, it is assumed that this is easy to do. Some fruit and vegetables are healthier but, if they are not peeled. And we offer you a list of those which are often consumed in everyday life.

The dish can be eaten with organic fruit and vegetables

live healthy vegetable grilling garlic pineapple


Usually, the toxins in the shell pick up. It is so then healthy to eat fruit and vegetables with the shell, if these organic products are or have a proven ecological origin.

And here’s a tip: you can even organic fruit and vegetables for about 20-30 minutes in water. Because it may become contaminated by Earth, air, and rain. No bio economy is totally secluded from the rest of the world!  By the vegetables or fruit for a certain time in the water is located, a large part of any remaining toxins will disappear.

Escape the bitterness of the shell by salt

live healthy vegetable grilling garlic Eggplant

Be sure to eat with

live healthy vegetables pears grilling garlic

Lime wash with hot water and then enjoy with the shell

live healthy vegetable grilling garlic lime

Now back to the main question: why are sometimes fruit and vegetables healthier with the shell? We eat also unwashed fruit and can we live actually healthy? Find more on the basis of the individual examples.

Garlic and onion hide some curative properties in their shells

healthy living garlic grilling vegetables


In the bowl of the garlic clove, there are six valuable antioxidants that are not present in the Interior. For a smoother taste and thus the unpleasant smell disappears, you can cook them.

From potato skins you can prepare delicious and crispy snacks

live healthy vegetables grilled Apple

Try the Pelle of boiled potatoes

live healthy vegetables dried kartoffel2 BBQ


You find potato peeling a nuisance? If you buy organic potatoes, you can eat quietly with the shell. There contain large amounts of fibre, vitamins and minerals. These are, inter alia, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin C and iron.

Lemon like lime treat

live healthy vegetable grilling garlic orange watermelon


Eat cucumbers with the shell, if you have problems with the stomach-intestinal system. There are a number of antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin K. If you still like the cucumber without cups, you can use it as a face mask. You could use the bowls as a face mask.

The chapel of the cucumber refreshes and vitalizes your skin

live healthy vegetables Grill cucumber

Eggplant and carrots

Eggplant and carrots contain many antioxidants and these can be found abundantly in the shell of these vegetables.

Are you sure about the origin of the fruit and vegetables?

live healthy vegetable grilling garlic lime

Then you can eat quietly with shell

live healthy vegetable grilling garlic orange mango


There are many dietary fiber in the Apple Bowl. They promote digestion. The Apple Peel are an ideal aid, if we want to lose weight. There’s vitamin C also, and counteract plant chemicals, welchevielen cancer diseases.

Thoroughly wash and eat up everything

living healthy vegetables grilled Apple


According to some studies, there are acids, which block the growth of cancer cells in the PEAR shell. Proven there contain the fiber and vitamins.

In the next water melon, you try the dish to eat

live healthy vegetables garlic Broil orange watermelon

Water melon

The tray is the healthiest part of the watermelon. It contains a lot of healthy ingredients that stimulate the immune system and the heart.

Kiwi-bake cups? Yes, why not, then you will be amazed

live healthy vegetable grilling garlic orange kiwi

Citrus and Kiwi

It is tasty and healthy to chew the skins of most citrus fruits. They include two more vitamins than the flesh. In it there is also vitamin B, potassium and calcium in large quantities. Prepare more cakes and salads with citrus zest. They are really tasty and healthy. What I have just said also applies to the Kiwis.

A part of the banana peels can be eaten

live healthy vegetable grilling garlic Eggplant

Pineapple and banana

The bowl of pineapple and bananas are also healthy. Here, the taste is but really unpleasant, if you don’t cook it or prepare it in a different way.

The fact that you can eat lots of fruit and vegetables with the shell, has many good sides. First of all, you can live healthier and Moreover, you have more interesting recipe ideas.

Dried orange peel improve the air in your home

live healthy vegetable Grill dried orange

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