How To Child-proof Can Prepare Fish

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Prepare fish and teach children healthy eating

Fish is one of the most important sources of amino acids for the human body. It has a delicate taste and also contains much protein. All its healthy nutrients are processed quickly and easily by the human body. Depending on its kind contains the fish in addition to the amino acids essential vitamins and minerals. There’s very much iodine in marine fish. The health of the thyroid gland is related to this.

Prepare fish and enjoy teaching

Fish plays an important role in the healthy nutrition of children. At the same time, many nutrition experts believe fish could cause even allergies. Therefore, you must integrate the fish into the children’s menu slowly and carefully. This must be done 2-3 months later, depending on your child for the first time ate meat.

Try times homemade fish fingers

Special caution is announced in families with allergies. The integrating of the fish on the menu under medical observation and control should be done in this case.

Fresh bread with vegetables and fish fillet for the strength of a bear

The eyes

Cereal fits quite well with the fish

First, all other kinds of seafood are allowed to eat the children after their third year of life.

All Asian dishes are recommended

When should the food start with fish?

The following is the speech, in whose families there is no allergy-free from the beginning of the diet with fish in children. Best you start with a type of fish, which is not very greasy. These are usually, hake, turbot, whitefish (Coregonus).

Enjoy the fish meat fresh

Taste and color should be in balance

Rice entschlagt and fits every fish dish

Mix a little fish with a product to which the child is accustomed. At the beginning, offer the fish mixed in the vegetable puree.  Lunch is the best meal you can choose. If there is an allergic reaction, it is easier to respond quickly in this case.

Choose fresh vegetables of the season

Tasty and easily digestible

Symptoms of poisoning include evil feeling, stomach problems, swelling. If these unpleasant symptoms are not present, you can slowly increase the amount of fish over time. Usually, to reach a lot of 50-60 grams of fish in a year-long child this way. This food should be served one to two times per week.

Sushi is the healthiest choice if you go eat times Japanese

Be a good role model for your child

Necessarily adhere to this limitation. Even if there is no allergic reaction at the first moment, the large amount of fish can be dangerous. Due to the large consumption accumulates much protein in the body. This can lead to a delayed allergic reaction.

Let your children take part in the preparation of fish!

Small tasks for the little people

In this way, children develop a relationship to the food

Select fresh fish

Pay attention very well on the quality of the fish. This is for the healthy nutrition of children more important than for adults. The fresh fish is smooth and clean, his eyes are bright. This fish can keep in the refrigerator for up to two days.

The fresh frozen fish should be also white meat. The dark meat of the fish indicates a repeated freezing. Such a product may not be offered the children.

Prepare fish for small children

Best steaming the fish. So you get the easiest his healthy nutrients. Cooking the fish whole or in small pieces. He stays so juicy and delicious. You can add parsley, bay leaf, onion and carrots to the water. Continue to offer the child fish porridge.

Combine the cooked fish with vegetables or a cereal product. Potatoes, carrots, Zucchini can be.

In a few months you can offer slow fish in other forms, such as grilled or baked fish cakes. It’s important to remove the fine bones, so you bring your kid in danger.

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