How To Make Your Skin Healthier Thanks To Honey

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How to make your skin healthier thanks to honey

Legends tell that Cleopatra used the most honey to preserve their natural beauty. All who have tried various DIY recipes with this delicious bee product believe that. There are hardly any skin irritation or internal body States, which could not be improved with honey.

Is honey healthy?

honey bees honey is healthy effect

Benefit from the healthy effects of honey

is honey healthy massage honey effect

For example, honey has a rejuvenating effect. Through the many effective antioxidants, you avoid the formation of wrinkles, or you can find some of the existing tight.

But also the young skin can benefit a lot of honey. This product opens the pores and cleanses it.

Beauty of nature

is honey healthy beauty from nature honey effect

Skin moisturizing masks

Make sure that your hair on the face, not fall, while you apply the honey mask. So, your facial skin will be not only soft, but also clean and not sticky after the procedure. Take a SLHonig and wear it on your face. Leave the honey mask for 30 minutes and rinse with cool water.

You can also make skin and facial mask with honey

honey healthy honey face mask effect

An other moisturizing mask can arise from three products also at home. You need milk, honey and egg yolk per a SL. The consistency, apply to clean skin and let again 20 minutes work. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Back massage with honey

honey healthy honey massage effectHoney facial mask is healthy honey effect

Can relax fully!

is honey healthy massage honey effect full relaxationis honey healthy beautiful skin care honey effect

Facial cleansing with honey

The following natural face mask, wipe the skin and at the same time you moisturize diesermehr. She takes almonds, and that they should be ground. Two SL should be enough of them. Mix honey, together with two SL.  Apply that to your face with circular massage movements. After half an hour, you should rinse with lukewarm water. Actually, you can clean your whole body. To do this, you need the appropriate amount of almonds, honey and milk.

Homemade facial mask with honey

honey healthy honey facial mask effect

Skin lotion with honey

Honey lotion for the skin is a more beauty formula which has proven over the course of many centuries. It is good for the winter when our skin is completely dry. Mix two tablespoons of honey with two spoons olive oil. If you have any dry skin and want something brighten your complexion, you can add a little lemon. Wear this skin lotion for 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Gentle care for the whole body

honey body lotion is healthy honey effect

Lemon and honey for the face

This formula is very good for cleaning your face skin. She is quite aggressive and therefore you should not so often apply. Lemons contain lots of vitamin C and many antioxidants, as well as honey. They double as the effect of the products and a fast and very visible effect. The skin is clean and moist, your complexion is perfect.

Mix egg whites, fresh lemon juice and honey

honey is fHonig healthy effect mask themselves make

Make your hair shine with honey

You can just mix two tablespoons honey with water and rub this consistency in your hair. After an hour, rinse your hair with a neutral shampoo and admire the shine effect.

Natural hair conditioner with honey

is honey, honey hair mask healthy honey effect

Milk and honey

Not just Cleopatra, but very many more beauties in ancient times, have bathed in milk and honey. Today you must be not so wasteful. Instead, mix rather half a cup of honey with half a cup of milk and should enter the bathroom to this mix. The effect will be very good even at this small amount.

Try out the beauty tricks of Cleopatra

honey healthy drink milk with honey honey effect

Eat honey

Please consume not the whole jar of honey for your facial masks and body care. Eat it often! The consumption of this product is also healthy and young you.

Honey is not only healthy, but also very tasty

is honey healthy honey effect health from nature

Delicious dessert with honey

milk Pana cotta with honey and apricots healthy honey

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