If It Absolutely Must, Then Organic Meat!

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Eco-friendly arguments for the nutrition with organic meat and milk

You’ve heard that you can contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution, if you eat organic meat? Should the same be true also for the choice of milk products?

We want to enter now definitely in the intricate discussion about these issues. She is very serious and must be kept on a very professional level. What we could do is to summarize the most common arguments for organic milk and meat.

You certainly don’t help you to make the right decision for yourself and your family.

Make sure main rule – to a healthy balanced diet

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Organic dairy and meat products are free of antibiotics

What is really the problem with the antibiotics in animals? You are included in the meat and pick up after any consumption of meat in the human body. Unfortunately, a certain resistance can evolve. She could be crucial in treating a disease.

In addition the fact that you are taking uncontrolled antibiotics. That is risky in itself of course.

The same applies to the dairy products and eggs

organic meat milk dairy products eggs

Animals are treated gently

The main reason why organic meat and milk are cheaper, is the renunciation of rapid and mass production. The animals are treated gently. You have much more space, a happy life, etc. You don’t like before their death. All this is possible only in these farms, which produce meat in large masses.

Happy animals on the land

organic meat fresh wild animals

In contrast to the factory farming and the cruel methods

organic meat fresh mass livestock unhealthy

Manure is recycled

If you buy organic meat and dairy products, you can be sure that they contribute less to pollution. In the first case, the dung is reused and produced the second – only.

While this is not the only type where the large farms contribute to environmental pollution. For example, energy and water consumption in these are not controlled.

Organic meat also generally has a much finer taste

organic meat fresh healthy controls


Bio come meat and milk directly from farms, which are controlled by certain environmental criteria. You must comply with some strict rules. People in the city are just instructed as a control. In the countryside, it would be different: there you can go to the farm and see yourself how to grow the animals and how to run the economy as a whole. Then you need no certificates…

Not only the organic farms so save the animals and produce environmentally friendly environmental products. “Organic” is a certificate that gives you enough guarantee. It helps you so if you can not control the process of making.

Where do you live, and where to buy a milk and meat?

Season all your dishes with bio meat much better

organic meat fresh bread healthy tacos

Start early in the morning

organic meat fresh healthy breakfast

You will find a diverse selection of organic cheeses on the market

organic meat fresh dairy cheeses

Again remember bio on every important occasion to celebrate

organic meat fresh Turkey goose

Try also the finished meat products locally and to buy organic

organic meat fresh salami meat products

The healthy effect of salmon grown in the organic products

Bio meat eco-friendly fish salmon

Never forget that animals have real feelings

organic meat vegan are animals feelings

Maybe think about it to be already a vegetarian?

organic meat fresh milk products

Because so sweet and lovely it looks, or?

organic meat fresh farm vegan

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