Is It Realistic To Take Diet Of Hollywood?

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Is it realistic to take diet of Hollywood?

Many are fascinated by the ravishing look of Hollywood stars. Take Nicole Kidman for example. It is already long over 40, but she looks no older than 35. The secret lies not only in the application of proper cosmetics. It has also a good diet and makes many sporting exercises.

Nicole Kidman – our Star model

Nicole Kidman Hollywood diet healthy remove young look

Many believe that many stars such as Nicole Kidman thanks among other things the so-called Hollywood diet to have her good figure.

Do you know what the diet is and what kind of results to expect are?

With this diet, you have a strict 14-day plan.

The menu is designed so that you eat no more than 700 calories per day.

Healthy weight loss – daily menu that contains 700 calories per day

Hollywood diet healthy lose weight low-calorie food

Keep your dream figure at a glance

Hollywood diet slimming healthy young look

These are the most important rules:

The base consists of products that are rich in protein. There are many fruits, meat, fish and eggs.

Sugar and salt are missing the best except those that are naturally contained in the products.

Products that are rich in protein

Hollywood diet healthy lose weight protein products

Alcohol is a no-go during the diet

Hollywood diet healthy remove alcohol drink

Alcohol is not drunk for this reason, because he awakens the appetite.

You must drink one to two liters of water every day so that you get your body out of balance despite the effort.

Drink as much water a day

Hollywood diet healthy more water take off drink

Breakfast is very small at the Hollywood diet. You should eat anything or eat half a grapefruit and green tea without sugar.

Start your day with a healthy and delicious breakfast

Hollywood diet healthy remove healthy breakfast

Boiled eggs – low in calories and rich

Hollywood diet healthy lose weight protein products eggs

Cook according to the usual method on steam or bake the products.

If to keep this plan, can remove up to 6 kilos within 14 days from the.

Hold on to the finish!

Hollywood diet healthy ideas and tips remove

You must make this Hollywood diet only once in three months. Otherwise, you are endangering your health. You can customise your menu differently. It is just important that you adhere to the rules just described. The main advantage of the Hollywood diet is clear: you can quickly many superfluous kilos jumbled. Also, the reduced intake of salt and sugar is very healthy alone in itself. You can cleanse your body with this diet. So that you do not weaken your immune system, you should take lots of vitamins.

The danger is, how to keep your newly achieved weight after the diet. You need to radically restructure your diet healthier and much exercise, so that it comes not to the yo-yo effect

Healthy eating is at the heart

Hollywood diet healthy lose weight protein

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