Is Yogurt Healthy? -Disclosing 5 Myths About

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yogurt is plain yogurt healthy properties and myths

Is yogurt good? Myths about this popular dairy product

In our society, many different myths about yogurt and probiotics are known. It is important to distinguish between them and the truth for all of us. Just every man for himself would be able to decide whether or not yogurt for one is healthy.

5 myths about yogurt and probiotics

is yogurt eating healthy natural yoghurt or not

Myth No. 1: all kinds of yogurt are healthy

This is the first, widely spread myth. Not all types of yogurt are healthy. Just the sweet, contain some, far too much sugar.

Homemade yogurt is probably the healthiest yogurt variety

is making healthy natural yoghurt yourself yogurt homemade

Varieties include all yogurt good probiotics

One must doubt that! A yogurt is healthy or not, related strongly to the way of its making. These should include the living cultures which make up the glory of this product.

You can virtually never find that out. Look at tests to this product.

Yogurt and good probiotics

yogurt is healthy natural yoghurt properties myths

Myth No. 2: yogurt is the best source of probiotics

HM, this is unfortunately not nearly true. Certainly natural yoghurt is yet not be the best source of probiotics good. For permanent consumption anyway.

This myth wrong

yogurt is healthy natural yoghurt with berries

Myth No. 3: does not contain many different strains of probiotics of yogurt

Yogurt is healthy, is to answer also by such arguments with “Yes”. Depending on the type, two or three different strains contained therein. These are Lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus salivarius.

Healthy yogurt contains only 2-3 Strains of probiotics

is yogurt healthy food healthy natural yoghurt

Myth No. 4: lactose intolerant people can eat yogurt

That’s true to some extent. Some varieties strongly reduces the content of lactose. The myth is based on this fact. However, the amounts for people with severe allergy would be dangerous enough already and they would feel bad.

Yogurt with reduced lactose content

is yogurt preparing healthy natural yoghurt Joghurtsouce

Joghurtsause as salad dressing

yogurt is healthy with spices natural yoghurt Joghurtsouce

You can get enough probiotics only through the consumption of yoghurt myth No. 5:

Also that’s of course not true as it is probably clear from previous discussions. You need many other products to get enough probiotics.

In any case, yogurt is a healthy dessert

yogurt plain yogurt is healthy with strawberries

The bottom line is the question to answer “Is yogurt healthy” with Yes. However its beneficial effects on our body is not as comprehensive and sufficiently, how to convince us these myths try it.

Positively, we answer the question “Yogurt is healthy?”

yogurt is healthy natural yogurt with fruit for dessert

Enjoy your yogurt dessert!

is yogurt plain yogurt Obstjoghurt healthy myths

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