Italian Singer And Actor: The Incomparable Adriano Celentano

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Adriano Celentano actor and singer

Adriano Celentano: The teachings of temptation in his films and songs

You need inspiration in all walks of life. When it comes to happiness, love and art of living, then you should focus on large personalities in all walks of life.

Because just the talent to be the sources of such inspiration represents the reason why they have become so well known and popular. Today is here with us to Adriano Celentano, his films, songs and the image which we have of him today.

Autograph card with photograph of the young Caesar

Adriano Celentano films songs photo black white

His works contain the truth, why he is one of the greatest sources of inspiration for men that like to want to master the art of temptation.

The occasion – birthday had Adriano Celentano in January… We’re a bit late, but at least…

Buon Compleanno!

Adriano Celentano movies photo black white


We have made us more detail to represent some specific aspects of his life. But first we want to give you an overview as an introduction, which are the most salient events that mark the path of his life.

The incomparable Adriano Celentano

Adriano Celentano movies photo black white 1938

He was arrested once for an impromptu concert on the road, had recorded an album without going out of the kitchen. In this context, it seems an intention to have been that he was born on the day of “Befana”. So the day of joy and fun is called in Italy. What happened to Adriano Celentano today? On 6 January 2015 he was we 77th appearance, what he so everything behind has… Still, it is a symbol in many ways…

Adriano Celentano and wife Claudia Mori

photo black white Adriano Celentano Claudia Mori wife

Celentano and Mori are happily married since the year 1964

black white Adriano Celentano Claudia Mori photo

in 1968 their first daughter was born

photo black white Adriano Celentano Claudia Mori child

Born in the family…

The family, in which Adriano Celentano was born, has been very poor. 12 he leaves school and begins work in the Studio of watches. But seems this employment to represent no compulsion for him. After decades of successful career as an actor, he feels attracted by this craft.

A star is born…

Adriano Celentano movies and songs

Adriano Celentano movies and songs photo black white

Adriano Celentano with Mrs Evi Marinelli

photo black white Adriano Celentano Evi Marinelli

He meets very gladly urgent orders from friends and acquaintances. Adriano Celentano is fun, he believes if he had taken up this business, he would have been likely to be very successful.

Sing with all my heart – that can determined the Italian

actor and singer Adriano Celentano movies photo black white

Adriano Celentanos songs created disorder several times…

Several times, Adriano Celentano created disorder in his hometown of Milan. He organized there impromptu concerts in the Centre of the city, to which it took no paid admittance. This led to many traffic jams. That’s why he was ever arrested. He explained that he was simply good mood and felt him these incidents…

Adriano Celentano on the big screen

Adriano Celentano films actor

As an actor, Celentano has also huge success

Celentano movies stars life Italian singer and actor

Poster of the film comedy “Yuppi you” (1975)

Italian singer and actor, Celentano Yuppi film you

Wonders in the kitchen

Adriano Celentano seems to prove that not only the love of men goes through the stomach. Because he’s doing wonders in the kitchen. This is an essential part of his seductive charm.

The multi-talented Adriano Celentano

concert photo Celentano Italian singer


Prisencolinensinainciusol is one of Adriano Celentanos songs. It was written in a language, which was devised by himself. The song symbolizes the inability of people to understand each other well. It remains a long time at the top of the American and European charts. Also it’s one of the first very successful experiments in the field of rap music.

The young Caesar while singing

actor and musician, Celentano Italian singer

The song Prisencolinensinainciusol

Gratitude from the Vatican

The first Adriano Celentanos concert will take place in 1958. It was part of a larger Festival. He was the only singer without its own Orchestra. Nearby, more specifically, in the Milan Ice Palace, a procession took place, which was led by the Pope. The clergy had desire to listen to music. They went to the appearance of Caesar. At that time, he has sung without Orchestra. Only he has done so by all participants. The Pope was intrigued. His admiration was mentioned by the media. Adriano Celentano was already famous on the next day.

Ill Ragazzo della via Gluck

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